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May 21 Mr. Greener commented on Get to Know an Anarchist.
"Many people may be unaware of exactly how many professors at our local colleges are anarchists." Thanks for the good laugh! Now if you're serious, start a business based on sharing your wealth. Get your medical friends to open a free health clinic. Talk to your local food market about sharing its gleanings with the poor. It's easy for an academic to be an anarchist. What exactly is the cost? It's a lot harder for a cop, but until you convert a cop or a guy just back from Iraq after his third tour, this movement will remain marginalized and, as its alleged representatives in Portland seem intent on doing, increasingly be seen as just another episode of Portlandia and not a serious remodeling of society.

May 21 Mr. Greener commented on Get to Know an Anarchist.
I actually sympathize with the anarchists, but this whole "destroying property is not violence" is something only privileged barren white males would come up with. Try stealing someone's cellphone, especially if it's the only connection they have to work and family. Try destroying someone's bike if it's the only way they can get to work. Smash the window of the woman's business, who voted for Bernie Sanders, and see if she comes away from that in favor of anarchy. Anarchy means self-governance, not reckelessly attacking people with whom you have no quarrel. And whining that your life is not like Trump's children shows that you are just another leftist disguising an old fashioned human emotion -- envy. I don't envy the rich or anyone for that matter because I do believe in self governance and avoid buying into the idea that what I own defines who I am. But this guy sounds like he's just mad at things not turning out his way in life, not actually in touch with real people. It doesn't matter the society you construct, we all have to work one way or another, whether as peasant farmers or techies in cubicles. The question is how do we share the wealth? One way to start is to not act like petulant profane children just because half the country was so frustrated they voted for a complete incompetent as president.
May 11 Mr. Greener commented on Zumba Instructor Imitators.
Many people don't know that Hitler was actually Austrian.
Apr 2 Mr. Greener commented on You Are Not a Crossing Guard!.
Dear Portlanders, please ignore this incredibly ignorant post. First off, you're supposed to go to a designated crosswalk. Then you raise your hand to indicate to oncoming drivers that you wish to cross and wait till they slow down and stop. Sometimes it takes a minute or two, but one thing for certain is you can't "man up" and have eye contact with someone who is often distracted by other things, or who may sitting high up in a truck. You raise your hand precisely because it's a way to be seen. Anyone who reads this garbage could get killed if they are pedestrian or arrested for vehicular manslaughter if they're a driver. Really, whoever wrote this, please move to a place where no people exist, as your desire to "floor it," even in jest, indicates you actually have no idea what you're talking about.
Mar 17 Mr. Greener commented on Conflicted with My Philosophies in the Workplace.
Most of the problems the manager lists could be fixed with lunchtime "Matlock" airings in the break room. When in doubt, more "Matlock."
Feb 2 Mr. Greener commented on Is Your Band Sexist, or Are Womxn Just Annoying?.
People have been trying to censor rock 'n' roll since Elvis shook his hips on Ed Sullivan. The more you label a band offensive, the more interest they tend to garner. The writers make some good points, but I'm not sure anything but the listeners' market can really change any of this since every all male band with a potentially offensive name has enough women supporting it that basically don't care. And I've given an honest listen to a number of feminist rockers, and even they sometimes say some pretty offensive things to those of us not inclined to the scatological. So I guess there is no other solution than a Pussy Riot.
Feb 2 Mr. Greener commented on I, Anonymous.
Dear ExtraSalt, you may have some good points, but the real question is what are you doing this Friday? I rock a serious hat on my receding hairline and have Febreeze the ashtray smell off my Cure T-shirt. And if my 27 year old kid is still living at home, can I still be considered a breadwinner or at least a gamer enabler?
Jan 18 Mr. Greener commented on As Donald Trump Becomes President, Portland’s Streets Will Be Chaotic.
Will each side write their signs in womyn friendly CAPs or use the patriarchal Palmer method?
Jan 18 Mr. Greener commented on I, Anonymous.
To the Distinguished Nauseous Young of Portland: 1. Older men wear hats because they're cold or bald. 2. Older men smell like ashtrays because younger hipsters are constantly bumming smokes from them, so they never get a chance to quit. 3. Everyone complains about the government in Portland, not just old men, in fact we just had a riot of sorts over the new president. 4. Older men may be flirting with you not because they want to repel you but because they just want to make sure you don't forget to fill their coffee order or possibly because they actually hope you will talk them up to your now single mother, whom your father left for a 22 year old barista.
Dec 1, 2016 Mr. Greener commented on I, Anonymous.
Yes, leave the children at home, that's what responsible parents do, leave young children at home unattended so the barren may shop unimpeded. This is now the second I, A in a month where some entitled whatever complains about someone with children. And we wonder why PDX is turning into a gentrified yuppie wasteland devoid of life when clowns like this actually think their mere existence entitles them to a store sans shopping carts.