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Sep 23 Reverend Bite Me commented on Baby Girl.
You know, Willamette Week is currently a lot better than the Merc. They don't allow crap like this IA post. And, their coverage of AirBnB and other housing issues puts them way ahead of the Merc. Merc, I asked you to take down this pro-child abuse crap and you didn't. Buh-bye losers.
Sep 22 Reverend Bite Me commented on Baby Girl.
I called the Merc and asked them to take this p.o.s. post down.

The OP is sick, sick, sick
Aug 31 Reverend Bite Me commented on Juxtaposition Avenue.
Jeeze got cut off,,.

Anyway they are menaces with their faces in their I-Phones rolling through crosswalks.
Aug 31 Reverend Bite Me commented on Juxtaposition Avenue.
Yup. That's Hawthorne this a.m. The HBC lifestyle seems soooo boring. Just sitting on the sidewalk with a crummy sign.

As to the vacay/real estate asshats staying in the local illegal AirBnBs
Aug 31 Reverend Bite Me commented on To the Thieves Who Broke into Our Van During H2C:.
Sorry you paid the houseless tweeker tax. Thank your local tweeker enabler for supporting the the squalid campsites where they are trading your possessions for drugs.
Aug 26 Reverend Bite Me commented on Good Morning, News: Pipe Bomb Attack on Homeless, the Mayor's Housing Emergency Flop, and Clinton Gets Real.
In regard to the homeless issue, the Mercury has advocated for a "let's coddle the tweakers and mock the "housed" as NIMBYS" approach favored by Boots onThe Ground, The Red Barn and other organizations made up of people who see only one side to the issue, don't pay taxes and take their marching orders from an invisible bronze-age sky god.

You are all complicit in that bomb attack because you have encouraged a situation where non-rich people with houses are getting harassed and crowded. That RV should not have been there. That doesn't excuse the pipie bomb, but it doesn't excuse your contribution to the problem either.. Residents of SE Portland have been pushed past the breaking point.

BTW- googling the victim I see that she is recent transplant with no job history in Oregon. C'mon now. She doesn't get to vacation in a poor neighborhood because her relatives are in another state. She needs to go back and live with family. Sorry if her home state isn't as groovy as Portland but them's the breaks.
Aug 24 Reverend Bite Me commented on Breeding a Future of Entitlement?.
Racism? Check.

Misogyny? Check.

Psycho exaggeration of insignificant incident, check.

Anti-social, woman-hating poster with anger issues, check.

Good luck with your personality, chump.
Aug 23 Reverend Bite Me commented on The Portland Man Accused of Murdering A Black Teenager Is Connected to A White Supremacist Gang.
These pos prison gang members are also living on the Springwater Corridor, but that doesn't fit the narrative about the "houseless", so nobody from WW or the MERC will confirm this with the Portland Police. The sweep last spring on the Ave. of Terror happened because an undercover cop on the corridor discovered white supremacist prison gangs. I can't confirm that they were EK. Follow up, someone, please.

I hope that fugly girlfriend goes to jail too. I can't imagine the pain that the victim's family feels. My heart goes out to them.
Jul 29 Reverend Bite Me commented on What Do You Need?.
Dear Lents Neighborhood:

You are an enthically diverse, working class neighborhood. Neo-Nazis, meth heads and sex offenders have turned the Springwater into a truly scary place. Homeless advocates use Katherine Dawn Hoffman (google her) as a poster child for why we must stop the sweeps.
Your possessions are stolen constantly, and you can't sleep with the meth zombie dance parties. Your kids have lost a place to play.

How can I help you, Lents? Gresham can take care of its residents, but PDX sees you as unworthy to even be consulted on these plans. But gosh, there is a lot of compassion for a woman who was in bed with her husband while he raped his daughter, and like any good mom, she just rolled over and went to sleep. Katherine Dawn Hoffman lives on the corridor now near your kids and she has a free lawyer. Where is your lawyer, Lents?

Jul 29 Reverend Bite Me commented on Mayor Charlie Hales is Pushing Back His Springwater Corridor Sweep.
When you google the Plaintiffs, there are a couple who don't have lengthy rap sheets. But at least two of the men have lengthy arrest records. The worst Plaintiff is Katherine Dawn Hoffman, who was charged charged with allowing her husband to rape their step daughter while she watched, and also allowed her husband to rape a one year old. Oh, and did I mention that they were at the center of an international child (and baby) porn ring?…
"It's the most disturbing case I've handled," said Multnomah County prosecutor Nathan Vasquez, who has worked on hundreds of cases in his seven years with the district attorney's office."