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Jul 15 Reverend Bite Me commented on As Springwater Sweep Looms, Mayor Charlie Hales Says Camping Policy "Has Not Succeeded As We Hoped".
I think the timing is interesting, and it has everything to do with Hales' resume. He is angling for a well-paid lobbying job (or some such thing). Willamette Week comes out with an unflattering headline (Portland has country's largest camps) and all of a sudden he responds.
Jun 30 Reverend Bite Me commented on Portland Officials Are About to Put A Historic Housing Bond On the Ballot.
Cox found 2,461 available Airbnb units for rent in Portland. Of those, 1,445 are entire homes or apartments. And about 84 percent of those homes or apartments are available for more than 95 days per year, according to Cox, a violation of city policy.

"Places that are highly available year-round for tourists probably don't have the owner present and could be illegal," he says. "But more importantly, they're displacing potential long-term tenants."

So, Portland will spend big bucks to remedy the damage inflicted by the Mayor's son in law's company.
Jun 22 Reverend Bite Me commented on Portland Finally Just Passed the Massive Plan That Will Steer Its Growth For Two Decades.
Jonesrich, several neighborhood associations have set out in detail why they think the city solicited input and then completely ignored any input that the planners didn't like. I thought the public process was flawed. For instance, BPS would have these sleazy push polls disguised as surveys. Wothless. Planners like Joe Zehnder have no interest in meaningful public participation interfering with the deals BPS cuts with their developer pals.
Jun 22 Reverend Bite Me commented on Portland Nextdoor Post Bickering.
Dear OP:

You are a condescending schmuck. I want to join Next Door just to stress you out more.
Hope you choke on an artisnal something before you lose your job and go back to where you came from. In the meantime, enjoy that pathetically small apartment you overpay for.
Jun 16 Reverend Bite Me commented on Portland Finally Just Passed the Massive Plan That Will Steer Its Growth For Two Decades.
Robert McCollough of SE Uplift makes a compelling case that meaningful public input into the Comp plan was thwarted. I wish the council had waited for the people's choice, Ted Wheeler to weigh in. Also, Novick is so unpopular he shouldn't have much input. Seems like density and lack of democracy go hand in hand.
In a slightly related note, the Richmond Neighborhood association reversed the "coup" that removed reasonable growth advocate Alan Fields from the board. He was re-elected recently, and pro-density advocate Doug Klotz lost his seat. Another very loud advocate of protected bike lanes lost his bid. So add Richmond to the list of NA potentially hostile to the new Comp Plan.
Letthe lawsuits begin!
Jun 16 Reverend Bite Me commented on Ask a Pot Lawyer: How Can Weed Still Be Illegal on a National Level?.
Why is Hillary Clinton allowed to have such a stupid stand on pot?
Jun 16 Reverend Bite Me commented on Why Is Portland's Cinema 21 Showing Vaxxed?.
I have the right to bring back vintage, artisinal diseases and subject the public to those diseases.
My attachment to dumb theories is way more important than your kid's health. Whooping cough kills children, but that is a small price to pay for my abstract ideas about medical freedom. I am a raging asshole on this subject.
Jun 14 Reverend Bite Me commented on A Homeless Coworker.
When someone needs money, but they are too proud to ask, that is the time that you slip a twenty or two in their hand and tell them to pay it forward when they are back on their feet.
I live outside the city center, and occasionally give people I know who are broke 15 an hour cash for some help around the house.
My total donations to crust punks asking for spare change totals zero dollars and no cents. But I have occasionally slipped a twenty to a young family in line at the grocery store, when I have seen Mom trying to stretch the Oregon Trail card as far as she could (beans, cheap cheese, bag of cereal) and I see clean kids in clean used clothes.
Jun 8 Reverend Bite Me commented on Lead in Water Trumps Homeless Crisis.
I don't understand the comparison between lead in the drinking water and junkies overdosing or falling in the Willamette. I see ambulance calls for the homeless in Inner SE every month, and while I feel sorry for them, they are the authors of their own lives. Every junkies like a setting sun....
I don't see kids knowingly choosing to drink polluted water.
Woo-woo thoughts don't help the cause of the homeless.
Jun 6 Reverend Bite Me commented on I Missed the Memo from ODOT..
I was recently rear-ended for not running a red light- methinks you have a point.

Also- is it just me or are people deciding that license plates are no longer necessary? I see a lot of cars with no plates and no travel permits.