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Mar 14 Reverend Bite Me commented on Conflicted with My Philosophies in the Workplace.

OP is insulting all his older employees, and that's what makes him a bigot. It is possible to imagine any employee, regardless of gender/race/age/sexual orientation developing a bad attitude.
Mar 14 Reverend Bite Me commented on Conflicted with My Philosophies in the Workplace.
Age-ism is just a-okay nowadays, along with sexism and racism. Fuck the Merc for publishing this tripe.

Hope the manager's manager reads this- sees who the dick is- and fires him before there is a lawsuit.

Enjoy hating older people- you will either be dead or old one day. Your hatred now will just mean that you will hate yourself one day when you look in the mirror.
Feb 23 Reverend Bite Me commented on Ash Street Saloon Will Close Sometime Before 2018.
Closure of the Ash Street Saloon is sad news indeed. They offered slots to new bands and supported the hard-working but not big enough for the Crystal bands. The PDX music scene has really suffered as developers continue to suck the life out of Portland.
Feb 21 Reverend Bite Me commented on Protesters Went to Mayor Ted Wheeler's House on Monday Night.
Hey Dirk- I didn't see where you indicated this disorganized protest was funny. Otherwise, I agree with Auravivid.

Note: Ms. Wheeler has every right to be angry that convicted sex offender/ anti-cop videographer "Uncle Bob" West was near her house filming. He is banned from PPS property and any movement that tolerates his presence at a family home has lost credibility.
Feb 10 Reverend Bite Me commented on Fate of Portland's New Renter Protections to be Decided By A Judge Our Last Mayor Called "Odious".
Mayor Hale's is very Trumpian in his attacks on Judge Michael Simon. I didn't think my opinion of Hales could go any lower, but still he finds a way. I hope he never comes back to Portland- it is a beautiful thing that he was run out of Portland and is sailing away, far away.....
Dec 17, 2016 Reverend Bite Me commented on The City Knows How to Curb Deaths on Outer Division.
Leah Treat has failed and should be replaced. PBOT staffers are too busy painting capes and hearts on the bike lane icons in inner SE to do anything effective about SE Division and 122nd.
If it isn't twee, it isn't worth funding. Pop up parks! Street Seats! Better Naito! Bike Share! Cuter Foster!
I think actual teenage girls might do a better job than the faux-teenagers at PBOT.
Nov 21, 2016 Reverend Bite Me commented on Outta My Way!.
mynamehere. your psychic powers are sorely lacking. My kids are great people and I have a rich social life and an awesome partner.

I respect people's decisions about whether or not they want a kid, as long as they don't hate on children.
Nov 21, 2016 Reverend Bite Me commented on Outta My Way!.
Children are shitbirds?

And again the editors allow all sorts of anti-kid rants. You know who are shitbirds?
OP and the intern who edits IA.

I get it, PM writers hate old people (and will presumably hate themselves in 20 years) and they hate kids becuase kids are a reminder of adult responsibilities and something more important than the new vermouth tasting room.

OP will wake up next Friday in a pool of loneliness and I will enjoy the company of my kids.
Oct 20, 2016 Reverend Bite Me commented on Forcing the Issue: The Mercury’s 2016 Endorsements.
Not liking the dishonest account of who you endorsed in the Mayor's race: "Unwilling to let Ted Wheeler or Jules Bailey waltz into the mayor’s office, a pack of local rabble-rousers and thinkers openly challenged these two longtime politicos—and the media outlets who listened (side-eye at the Oregonian) found the kind of spirited, smart debate that our democracy deserves. "

Correction: For Mayor, you endorsed woo-woo Hales protege Sarah Iannarone, who got a whopping 9% of the vote. Way to bury that endorsement in the litter box.
Sep 23, 2016 Reverend Bite Me commented on Baby Girl.
You know, Willamette Week is currently a lot better than the Merc. They don't allow crap like this IA post. And, their coverage of AirBnB and other housing issues puts them way ahead of the Merc. Merc, I asked you to take down this pro-child abuse crap and you didn't. Buh-bye losers.