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Aug 22 ujfoyt commented on The Portland Man Accused of Murdering A Black Teenager Is Connected to A White Supremacist Gang.
Put him away, never again to be a free man.
Aug 21 ujfoyt commented on Timbers v. Seattle Match Preview.
You're tilting at windmills, WSH. Trump will be the next U.S. President, unless Obama declares martial law and suspends the election.
Aug 3 ujfoyt commented on Should I Vote for Hillary Clinton? A Flow Chart.
I'd vote for Bush junior again before I'd vote for Hillary. And I don't like Bush junior. I don't understand how you can ignore all the bad things about Hillary.
Jul 11 ujfoyt commented on Good Morning, News: More #BlackLivesMatter Protests, Tim Duncan Retires, and Bernie Sanders Jumps in Line.
Well, I'm not a racist, but what would you call a colored male that thinks it's ok to break into a persons house and threaten to kill them. Which, by the way, wasn't included in the blurb. If you're going to report the news, report all sides of the event.
Jul 1 ujfoyt commented on Good Morning, News: Queer Events Ousted, A Historic Housing Bond, and Donald Trump's Signed Tim Tebow Helmet.
Donald Trump is by far a much better person than Hillary. I hope and pray that she doesn't get elected. I must say that I'm not a big fan of either of the people being vetted for Trumps' VP.
Jun 27 ujfoyt commented on Good Morning, News: SCOTUS Strikes Down Awful Abortion Restrictions, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren Team Up.
So I guess Hillary will be giving free addresses and speeches at colleges and universities, Right? Hypocrite
Jun 9 ujfoyt commented on Obama Just Endorsed Hillary Clinton.
Nope. Trump is the man. Hillary is psychotic.
May 2 ujfoyt commented on Despite A Plush Budget Year, Charlie Hales Says A Controversial Business Tax Hike Is "Necessary".
What is the starting wage for a Portland police officer? And what is the average wage of said person?