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Jul 1 Gustation commented on Should Portland Have a Safe Drug Injection Site?.
You can totally tell just how ignorant some people are in a couple of these comments. That's being charitable, actually; because it wouldn't surprise me if one of these guys had a friend or relative hooked on dope.

Anyway, good! I've been around IV users for a long time, and every single one of them — even the seasoned vets — has gotten severely infected at least once from using old needles. I hate needles, and I'm speaking as a guy who has worked at the Kent Hotel and gleaned bottle deposits out of bus mall bins — I've come close to getting jabbed a few times! But, hating the junkie and the people that help him doesn't get rid of the dope.

Ultimately, it's about who is an Asshole and who Isn't: the guy who Isn't gives a shit about other people, even people he personally dislikes, to the point of putting up with them and dealing with reality. Even helping them. The Asshole doesn't, won't deal with reality; and is big-mouthed and strong-armed about both.
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