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We love running the world from our couch,and giving unsolicited advice with no accountability.

10:13 PM yesterday seentomuch commented on Deadlines.
Way to go I/A. God you have been through a lot. Pull your self together, because if he had listened to you, he may still be alive. It sounds like it was his time.
10:03 PM yesterday seentomuch commented on If You Want to be Righteous, Actually Do Something.
You called 911, that was the right thing to do. Lighten up on yourself.
9:57 PM yesterday seentomuch commented on Preoccupied TV.
Are you the same I/A that wrote you were a cancer researcher, and singer,songwriter about 4 years ago?
9:54 PM yesterday seentomuch commented on Parade Rain.
Good for you protesting mom of two. I loved the woman's march, it was one I bet you took the children. I did not go, but I have concerns about children being in some of the protests and violence when things are dangerous.

Keep up the good work, and remember if you can change everyone to fit your likes and dislikes, you can be President.
Apr 15 seentomuch commented on Economic Bomb.
I/A, all the bombs lobbed into our planet could cause more problems then any one imagines. North Korea testing nuclear missles that drop in the sea, could cause even more marine life to die off and ruin our oceans. Where is Saudia Arabia in the middle of all this? They seem to get a pass because they are not threatened. Our news showed beheadings of many over the past four years. Heartbreaking we have become so numb to the pain others suffer.

The MOAB's was used, and I do not know how I feel. I can only hope no more of our troops have to lose their life,limbs and minds fighting in this area. Our government cannot even get the VA system to get their act together for basic medical needs.

The children I saw gassed were too horrific for all of us, so when that big clumsy bomb was dropped; I did have a moment of silence.
Mar 20 seentomuch commented on I Thought This Would Be So Much Easier.
Good god, let this rant have an end.
Mar 1 seentomuch commented on Old Portland New Portland - Us vs. Them.
All over the US people complain that the good old days are gone in their hometowns.
People come here for so many reasons,and you seem to imply we ruined your town.
Next time you go to your Doctor make sure you get a Portland home grown educated one. Whattttttttttttttt? Did I just say that? Anyway, you have a beautiful town, and I am glad you let us foreigners live here. We will try to behave to fit your pristine requirements.
Jan 12 seentomuch commented on Why do you think you're better than her?.
^i have to agree with OnlineS, this is too specific and it leaves the reader very creeped out.
Dec 18, 2016 seentomuch commented on Meh. Who Cares? Nobody..
Good message to get out there. If your car door is open, you are inviting robbery. Your distracted counting money and not paying attention sorting your packages. Get in your car, lock the door and pay attention to your surroundings. Like I/A says, you also may cause someone to run into your door and get hurt.
Another thing, Children and animals in the car while you leave them alone for just a few minutes gets so much news. Just Stop it. No excuses, just Stop it.
Dec 18, 2016 seentomuch commented on Been Single Too Long.
I/A, this made me laugh. I think you sound like a great catch for a special someone. I bet your past loves think of you often and fondly.