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We love running the world from our couch,and giving unsolicited advice with no accountability.

Jul 12 seentomuch commented on I am Joe Hamm (Facebook VILLIAN).
If true, you have come to the right place. Maybe you can awaken a new career. It sounds like with your police job, and music so-so going slow that you focus on the music. I think that is your true passion and you will find a way to make a living.
Jul 12 seentomuch commented on Clippings.
This is the rant the Editor of the Mercury made a special note of on Blogtown today. So commenters; I'll be taking a 24 hour protest, and stay off I/A for regrouping myself. We can do better. I like the Editor because he is so damn funny, but 24 hours and I will come back more aware.
Jul 12 seentomuch commented on Friendly Creep.
Try to get the lic #, description and all the things you already know. Maybe the feeling you got from this person is right. It sounds weird to me.
Jul 11 seentomuch commented on Audience In Chains.
This is a rant I read twice. I was jealous of your literary skills. I admit it, you had me hooked.
I guess it ended well, nothing in the news to think otherwise. You would make a great prosecuting attorney.
Jul 7 seentomuch commented on I Not Care, Crooked Hillary is Still Guilty.
Both players in this Presidential run are awful. I will write in Bernie because I am so sick of too many years of HC and DT. News feeds, reality shows, it is just like watching a bad movie over and over. When Donald was bragging on Newt I almost puked. Ugh,Ugh,Ugh.
Jul 7 seentomuch commented on The war on women.
I/A, I think I believe this story. If she works in the State Attorney's office, she must have got a pass. If he is a Veteran and did not press charges, well there is that issue. If she talked to a police officer like you said she did, he should have taken her to jail.

I think there is much more to the story, and it sounds truth is stranger than fiction. I hope you are not planning to take him into your apartment for more than a night, call Social Services, you are not prepared to be a marriage counselor.
Jul 7 seentomuch commented on For All The Alton Sterlings Of The World.
I/A, there are good and bad people. That is a fact. If I am in harms way, I will call the police. It is a roll of the dice who will show up.

I know the wife of this unfortunate murdered victim will have a resounding voice in our heads every time we see her and her 15 year old son on the news. My heart is broken for their family and the death of Alton. It would be foolish to think all police are like this, it would be equally foolish to think this killing was an accident.
Jul 2 seentomuch commented on Why is your dog here?.
That was not a dog, it was my husband. Wow, You are just rude,I/A
Jul 1 seentomuch commented on Thigh of The Tiger.
I am perplexed. Is this about the woman in my building that makes mucho money turning tricks?
Jul 1 seentomuch commented on I'm that a-hole at the other weekly.
Yes ^CC, another rant comes in from the Gresham Gazette. This poor soul wants us to think He/She has it going on. This could be what everyone has been waiting for, someone to fix I/A.