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Sep 18 seentomuch commented on What We Have in Common.
I love this rant and the one comment. I did not know rich people's families had Tapesties. ^
Sep 18 seentomuch commented on WINTER IS COMING.....
My god I/A, Enjoy the winter and maybe the dogs will read your rant, or I mean the Dog owners will read your rant.
Sep 18 seentomuch commented on Roll Another Number for the Road.
I/A, I read your submission twice. It does not sound like you are an alcoholic. I also agree your Grandmother sounds like many people that love to celebrate the holidays with a special toast, but not to get toasted. When you lose your family,friends,job, and drivers license you are an alcoholic. Relax and enjoy your life. P.S. Your Mom was wrong about Grama.
Sep 11 seentomuch commented on Move Your Dog, Please!.
I/A, my sister told me that a dog absorbs heat through the paws. Even though you sound mean, it is a good idea to walk the dog on the grass and not concrete. Also, a cold rag on the back of their necks and top of head can help reduce heat.
Sep 9 seentomuch commented on All in One Day.
^ Good comments, but I am not feeling the rant.
Sep 9 seentomuch commented on Bull in a China Shop.
I/A, you seem bothered by a lot, but clumsy? You don't like clumsy either. Do you kick people down who have a cane? Slow down up in that stupid brain of yours.
Sep 9 seentomuch commented on The Store Ignore.
They have a big job stocking the shelves. Leave them alone. You could wear a whistle around your neck for more selective attention.
Sep 9 seentomuch commented on Should Of.
It sounds like someone just got that pink slip. It usually happens at the end of the day, but they were in a hurry to get rid of you. I can see why: you sound miserable.
Sep 7 seentomuch commented on Portland Police.
I/A, I think there is more to this story. Not calling fake, but maybe you left something out.
Sep 7 seentomuch commented on National Guard needed in Portland,Oregon.
I like this idea.