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Medicated Marine is sitting here letting my gray dyed partially blond hair grow on and spitting on Trump photos whenever they're in range.
Jan 21 Medicated Marine commented on Too Many Big Macs....
Teddy Roosevelt wasn't really that overweight. He was a little round when he took the oath of office. He had been a boxer and quite an athlete. (rich man's athlete that is, Polo, Steeple Chasing etc). The assassinated President McKinley he succeeded was larger and heavier than Teddy but not quite as large as Trump. Your answer is William Howard Taft, Teddy's successor was 325 to 350 lbs or so.. Whenever he traveled he had to have the reception committees build him a special big chair. So there!!....that's one insult they can't hang on the big orange man, our new Commander in Chief.
Jan 11 Medicated Marine commented on Veterans Administration.
Yeah the story sounded like a love starved VA clerk. rapidly sprung up the ladder of power to be able to demand favors of and give favors to unsuspecting but needy VA patients. One she particularly liked getting favors from decided to put a stop to it and then the shitstorm really started. Thank the Lord though, because she got busted. She'll probably make a career change after her 6 month (suspended) spank for being a naughty social worker. Marriage Counselor, Realty TV star, I'm leaning to Guard at a mens correctional facility. The world is her oyster.
Dec 21, 2016 Medicated Marine commented on Church Lady.
Sounds like intervention time. You, your roommate, church lady and her husband that drinks to tolerate her. As popular as this site is, the chances are oh say 18% that she'll see this. Have you told her about the Portland Merc I/anonymous? If so send her an email or text saying "there's some good rants in the ol I/A today". Believe me if she's comatose she'll figure out which one you meant. She'll probably call you (not much way to answer these issues in a text, unless she just wants to give you a kiss off). If you need a moderator for the big smack down....let me know. I'll tee her up for you and you can throw your best vitriol out and make (in a perfect world) her a better person in your calm patient way. (I do not know how to do that).
Dec 18, 2016 Medicated Marine commented on Been Single Too Long.
This reminds me of an article I read in Natl. Geo about these Gibraltar Apes during mating season rubbing cactus rose petals on their bare asses to look more sassy. This became a problem. The more dainty female apes were careful and quite artistic with their rubbing patterns and designs, but those dudes...Oh boy....they'd just yank the flower off the cactus in a frenzy, needles and all, and oh what a mess. The rouge and blood got scabby and the girls didn't want the boys anywhere near them. Then the guys would start fighting amongst each other thinking that to much competition was why the girls were acting a little too choosey. Sorry I fell asleep at that point....but I was staying on point....freshening up the booty was the topic RIGHT!!!
Dec 18, 2016 Medicated Marine commented on You Should Sue PBOT.
Why can't the people come back and get their cars? Why does the Zoo have to say come and get your cars? Why do the police have to threaten to ticket cars whose owners won't come and get their car? Must be nice. Do these folks have Motor Clubs that are paying for nice upgraded rentals to weather out the big crisis? Anybody know?
Dec 15, 2016 Medicated Marine commented on Your Vote Doesn't Count.
I'm thinking I/A is alluding to the Putin involvement or Puti-leaks. I'd love to see Donald's Coronation put on perma-hold until a decision is made. Take it to the Supreme Court. Stall it he's been doing to people trying to collect from him for years.
Dec 6, 2016 Medicated Marine commented on Worthless Piss.
Granted, the whizzer and his one man Peanut Gallery are wastes of skin. I appreciate your disdain and thanks for reporting it. I hope he or somebody he's bragged to about it, give him an intense ration of shit. The very ration you wanted to give, but erred to better and safer judgement.

What crossed my mind, barren wasteland that it has become, is what motivated you to write this rant. I'm sorry, but weird as it may seem, your writing this could be the same motivation that the creep had for pissing on the homeless wardrobe. You're showing off to us and calling him names, as I just have, to sort of beat your chest. Us, the readers, are a copy of the guy cheering him on. "Yeah....I'm with you. He's shit." "Can you show us where this was." "We've all got your back".

Sorry for that slip into transference or whatever it was. I gotta stop reading those heady psychology blogs so late into the night. You're a good person who was appalled by what you saw. Period. That's it and only that.
Dec 5, 2016 Medicated Marine commented on An Open Letter to You Portland.
This rant should be a mission statement posted on all the walls and websites of the Portland Chamber of Commerce. The Mayor and City Council could use it too.
Dec 5, 2016 Medicated Marine commented on What I Wish I'd Done.
They don't want a lot of accolades. There are people just like that. They're kind. They left right away because even as kind as they are, didn't want to hear a lot of small nonsense talk about "Oh Thank You" "Oh I can't accept this, I'm just doing my job"........even though you hate it. I just hope you gave them a smile. That's all they wanted.
Dec 5, 2016 Medicated Marine commented on Utopia Bleeds Red.
In this election many of the Dems base voters --- their famous Blue Wall crumbed. I voted for, I thought, lesser of two evils vote. Her biggest problem was a sluggish economy and an almost blind eye approach to what was going on in the middle east. Her rubber stamp approval of Obama's whacked immigration policy of the future (allow as many Syrian, Libyan, Yemenis, Somalian, Iraqi refugees into our hallowed borders with almost no vetting. "Come on Down"!! "You're welcome here"!! Obama and Hillary have a team of Secret Service Agents around them at all times. I and most other Americans don't. She also thought her Libyan consulate debacle should be totally forgiven because some committee of Yes men and women said she was guilty of nothing. Those poor guys were brutalized sodomized hung up and perforated like swiss cheese, because she neglected to answer calls for help and to get them back- up. She was unavailable for comment because she had to go to an Orchid Hanging Ceremony in Bangkok. Oh yeah...then she had a fall and dodged the Senate Inquisition like for almost forever. It sure didn't help that FBI director Comey pointed out that Alan Weiner (the Weiner Man) had all kinds of secret, top secret and probably Nuclear codes available to him on the very same cell phone he Snaps and Sends his little package out to undeserving little girls. (When I heard about that, I had already mailed in my ballot.....Damn)!!
Even after all that, If the woman knew how to give an inspiring speech and give a little (even ever so little) idea of what she was going to do as President...instead of just bashing bashing bashing Trump the results possibly could have been different.
Hillary ran a lackluster campaign against a YES master campaigner....he had to be reeled in a few times...but he was far more interesting and attention grabbing that Ms Hillary. So she Lost. Boo Hoo (I hope not for America though)