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Vietnam Vet with PTSD degree. Love PG movies old and some new, listening to Dylan and the Blues. One day we'll write our masterpiece. Commenting… More »

Medicated Marine is perusing the Merc sites and ready to nip at some heels on I/A.
Aug 24 Medicated Marine commented on Fuck You, Breeder.
Yeah I've never bought into the idea, couples or single women that have children are special just for wanting and having a kid. There are so many terrible reasons for having kids. To save a failing marriage, just brings an innocent bystander into your terrible home life. Birthing your farmhands or house servants is another stupid and selfish idea. Then there's almost always comes along after the birth of just a tax deduction or welfare check voucher. I understand it's a big sacrifice to raise a child properly.....that means with love and nurturing (boy there's a meaningless trendy word), but you don't deserve our respect for just having the child. If you're a good parent then I'll give you my respect....because that's the way I roll. If you got stuck with a child, rose to the occasion and are doing a good job parenting then kudos to you also.

You certainly don't deserve our wrath for having a kid or not having a kid. Both sides of that argument are pathetic. Contributing to overpopulation or running up our public school costs is just as stupid a slur as saying non-parents are selfish cold and sad. Jeez....Commenters on both sides of this issue are like clucking hens. Your mouths are yapping and always pecking in the dirt.
Aug 23 Medicated Marine commented on Craig's List - Update Your Listings!.
I can relate grumpy. I get just as mad looking at the I/anon comments and see no fricken pictures next to the comments. Are we all on witness protection now.?......OR has the Mighty Merc. decided I should get an adobe update again or is it again and again you MF ers. God I get so pissed at that. Where's my pictures? I'm suing the Merc. I hope you all get sent to Purgatory for the next 1000 years and have to hear Donald Trump ads over and over. Many many more times than I have to get my fricken Adobe Updates.
Aug 23 Medicated Marine commented on Black Is the Old Black.
Let he/she/both who is without sin cast the first sweat stained thong/jockstrap/boxer short. Be cool man anyway you can. I'm old and have the baddest freakin ponytail you ever saw. It's grey/blonde and you've never imagined a purrtier sheen. Do you youngins still use that snappy word? Sheen.....or is that now the twitterm for mean girl?
Jul 30 Medicated Marine commented on Rich People and their Children.
Where did the parents of the (in their eyes only) mediocre looking kids get this notion? The buzz media they watched.....go back further the buzz they listened to....further back about. Yes that and for some of the Moms...comparing their daughters to other daughters on the cheerleading squad or dance recitals or sport meets, matches and practices. How they carry themselves in public or at home. Some Dads flash pics of their kids at the golf clubs...bowling alleys... workplace to show them off (Why not?). I wonder do any of the Dads show off their plain daughters less than the Dad's with pretty ones? Their boys could look like Frankenstein and Dads can still (probably under pressure though) flash a pic and say "that boy's a thinker, he's got ambition or he's handy with cars, plays a mean guitar or he's a tough offensive end or tackle" (sorry only the pretty ones are running and quarterbacks) and he can still be proud. Is he just as proud of a less than pretty daughter? His first answer would be "of course" but he'd say it rather clinically because in the shallow surfaces of his heart which is greatly influenced by his turf and circles he knows he's not quite as proud as he would like to be. Go into the Heart of his Heart and he should cry uncontrollably that he ever felt that way about his lovely lovely daughter.
Jul 30 Medicated Marine commented on Thanks for Nothing.
I/A I'm terribly sorry this happened to you. .Your rant aroused our indignation and our tempers and our blood pressure. It is an election year if you go the write your Senator's the best time for them to listen to you. If you go the Lawyer route...the free Lawyer route is the best, but I know very little about it. What I do know about!....please check up on a Lawyer before you even think about giving him one dime. Don't let him con you into an every 2 weeks payment that will will go on forever and the payments won't be in your budget....because he'll have already checked up on you as to how much you've got. Sorry I'm rambling. Group Therapy is affordable and a lot of them are free. I go for other reasons. I'm a Vet and go to a pretty good one once a week. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure It would involve telling your story at some point. You could do a lot of listening at first. I know all the earlier options would involve telling your story more. Take the time you need to heal and I know you'll figure out how to get back in the game.
You are in our prayers. We mean it.
Jul 10 Medicated Marine commented on I, Annoying Us.
I agree 99%. The off topic bicker banter I must say is sometimes funny and you see a cute turn of phrase or sarcastic snicker, but mostly it's like reading a lot of stupid commercials, when you really want to enjoy a good exchange among a lot of talented (Yes I said talented) comment taters on any issue however petty or pertinent.
Why only 99%....I know you limited it by saying just a "semblance" but I can't remember anytime when acting more adult was fun. I do come here for fun.
The Merc doesn't pull a commentittyer's plug very often, but I have seen it done. Yes it's pretty much up to us to keep pecking in the funny interesting stuff and drown out the Potentates of Pulp Pettiness.
Jul 10 Medicated Marine commented on Lemon Cat.
Thanks for taking the little itchy boy in. We had a cat that lived down the street before his kind family with the little kids in agreement turned him outside because they picked up a cute new little dog that didn't get along with him. He meandered down to our place one day and it was love at first sight. We didn't know to call him Gracie or Grover yet. We got him to the vet. We got lucky Grover was already neutered. Naturally he was a mess. After a lot of love and attention and like you...lots of antibio's and Trymiwhatchacallits he became a Prince among Men. We had a large family of cats and dogs that he got along with just fine. God I loved that cat. We got him at a time when I needed a new buddy to talk know. The others were used to me....just good ol Dad feeding and fussing over them. Grover and I however got to talk over a lot of important issues as I'd be getting ready for work and staying up half the night with him. He turned me into a democratic, maybe a socialist. Bless your heart for your kindness and lowering your bar on good looks. I mean what the hell are looks compared to a kind heart and sweet spirit. (I know that last part is corny, but is it?)
Jul 9 Medicated Marine commented on What I Learned: Protesting Police Brutality.
Thanks for being a better and more concerned American about the vigilante type actions of a total of 4 police officers....1 who in cold blood murdered Philando Castile at a traffic stop while his fiancee and 4 yr old child watched in horror. The assisting cop (Back Up) was busy man handling the fiancee screaming at her to stay put!! don't move!! while her baby wailed in terror and the victim bled to death in front of them. The day before the third and fourth uniformed murderers in my scenario, but not in time line sequence, muscled down Alton Sterling as he questioned why they were doing so, they pinned him down looked him right in his eyes and shot him repeatedly (I wasn't there..but I can imagine the looks of satisfaction (maybe not high fiveing) over a job well done by our preservers of the peace...Oh yes his 15 year old son saw the execution. I hope that boy recovers with his mother and family community's support and kindness. Pessimistically predicting however his chances of not getting into trouble and not having demons in his future are slim.
I want to thank you I/A for being there and being my eyes to what it must be like within a peaceful Protest that can at anytime turn violent. Protesting violence can get violent. Calmness is what is stressed but outbreaks are always imminent .
Jul 2 Medicated Marine commented on I Love Fireworks!!!.
Dude: SERIOUSLY (Google the word)..... The Kurds and Syrian defenders are looking for recruits with just your qualifications and preferences. Things that go boom for instance. They've got a TNT laden overcoat you could strap on and dance right into ISIS headquarters'd really shake up those cats PTSD. Only bad thing is you'd kill any dogs those ISIS sadists we're already torturing at the time and they'd be put out of their misery far quicker than you'd prefer. Bummer, but who cares you'd be a dead piece of shit by then.
Jul 1 Medicated Marine commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Good Priests, Shitty Bishops.
I'm very sorry but the long drawn out comment about Hillary and Bill and relating (or off topic unrelating) about this kind hearted (on the surface) priest's homily was sent by Medicated Marine......not SeentoMuch........oopps. Sorry again and I'm in the dog house with Seentomuch now.