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Jun 24, 2016 mtngoatz commented on BIKETOWN IS HERE... except for the disabled.
WOW. Maybe, just maybe, the product being sold isn't FOR people without arms and legs?
Mar 2, 2016 mtngoatz commented on To the Typical Man-Brain.
The whole 'man' part kind of makes no sense, unless you're trying to actually get a specific person to read this and to that I say: Take off your tutu and strap on some ovaries. Woman up and realize that only YOU have the responsibility to deal with your feelings. It is no one else's job at any point, even if he's your bf. Maybe that's his way of helping? Maybe when you approach him and say, "I have a problem" he reasonably things you are asking for help? Maybe you need to tell him you just need to vent? Maybe YOU need to be more clear with your feelings? Maybe I could be wrong, but I don't think I am.
Mar 2, 2016 mtngoatz commented on Dancing for Yourself.
I mean. I hate people like any normal hipster and all... but dayum. You sound hella jaded. Like wicked messed up man. Have you ever been to a bar or concert after 10pm before? Did you not know this was a normal thing? Seriously, this is not a thing to complain about until your covered in beer and they're all 'no big deal man' and not offering to buy you a new one.