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May 23 Douglas_Banter commented on This Week in Appropriation: Kooks Burritos and Willamette Week.
Super secret ingredients in what makes tortillas: Flour, salt, baking powder, oil, water. Shhh!
May 17 Douglas_Banter commented on Voters Just Passed a Record-Setting Bond for Portland Public Schools.
Time for landlords to raise rents and then hear all the complaints about the rising cost of living in Portland.
May 15 Douglas_Banter commented on Washington Post: President Trump Gave "Highly Classified" Intelligence to Russian Officials.
When will the Democrats learn that it doesn't matter what a person does as long as there is an "R" next to their name? Years of investigations over Clinton's emails and nothing found. Millions in taxpayers dollars spent in investigating "Benghazi" and still nothing found.

Oh, the indignation, the wrapping themselves in the flag and preaching about liberty and the American way... all over what Clinton DIDN'T do.

Now that we have an actual incompetent treasonous president, the Republicans are silent. Why? BECAUSE IT DOESN'T MATTER. (Hint why: "R" next to his name)
May 15 Douglas_Banter commented on "Make Your Wallet Great Again": A Portland Landlord Is Telling Tenants He'll Raise Rents If the Schools Bond Passes.
I've brought up the issue of it being unfair that renters get to vote on measures or bonds that property owners have to pay. Most Liberals pushed back with the argument that it is fair because landlords will raise rents so that renters WILL have to pay for things they vote on... and now it's a problem?
May 15 Douglas_Banter commented on I'm Such and Unique Individual and Patriot!.
Just taking you at your word, Snickerdoodle...

"It's the dehumanizing of other people who hold contrary beliefs that I object to."
"Swarmy liberal"
"Knuckle dragging troll"

Not sure how you square your contradictory comments, but I guess that's up to you and the god of your own choosing, ain't it?

This back and forth with you has grown tiresome. Good day.
May 14 Douglas_Banter commented on I'm Such and Unique Individual and Patriot!.
Well that deescalated quickly. I knew you really didn't believe what you preached. You're just as foul-mouthed and petty as those you criticize. Also good to know...
May 14 Douglas_Banter commented on I'm Such and Unique Individual and Patriot!.
@Snickerdoodle: And you calling the writer a "swarmy liberal" and object of the IA a "dip-shit" and "knuckle dragging troll" is somehow within your levels of acceptance? Good to know...
May 14 Douglas_Banter commented on You're Just Not Funny.
And yet you apparently come back week after week to read said failed satire.
May 14 Douglas_Banter commented on Ill-Conceived Payment/Pending Litigation.
This deranged person is walking around free on our city streets? Scary!