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We're presently entering uncharted scientific territory. Ok, we're done.

Mar 4 Douglas_Banter commented on A Woman's Personal Space.
*a historically...
Feb 10 Douglas_Banter commented on "I dnt Know".
Great IA! I always hate when someone replies to a text message with a "k"... just a 'k". I'm always like, "Oh. so there's no time or room for a FUCKING O?!" Seriously, how hard is it to write "OK"? Pure laziness is what it is... soon the so-called president will engage in text-speak, and then we really are through the looking glass.
Feb 4 Douglas_Banter commented on Mass Extinctions Are No Big Deal.
Also from the link I provided: Between 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds lose their lives to cats each year in the United States. Between 6.9 to 20.7 billion small mammals succumb to cat predation.Between 258 to 822 million reptiles and 95 to 299 million amphibians may die by cat each year nationwide.

The authors of the study conclude:
"The magnitude of wildlife mortality caused by cats that we report here far exceeds all prior estimates. Available evidence suggests that mortality from cat predation is likely to be substantial in all parts of the world where free-ranging cats occur.

Our estimates should alert policy makers and the general public about the large magnitude of wildlife mortality caused by free-ranging cats.

Although our results suggest that owned cats have relatively less impact than un-owned cats, owned cats still cause substantial wildlife mortality; simple solutions to reduce mortality caused by pets, such as limiting or preventing outdoor access, should be pursued."

Jessdickenya's argument against this study?
"It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to let my kitty outside and I'll go bat-shit crazy on anyone who questions it! And as long as there are no extinctions, I'm totally fine with human-introduced non-native cats killing billions of animals a year. Again, my kitty likes to go outside. Time to clean the litter box with my bare hands..."

Feb 3 Douglas_Banter commented on Mass Extinctions Are No Big Deal.
Boy, you people are dense. I'll again attempt to explain it to you in very simple terms:

Humans have introduced non-native cats into the environment.
Some cats are domesticated, some are feral.
Feral cats are descended from domesticated cats.
Both types of cats are non-native.
Cats are allowed to roam free, which is a behavior permitted by humans.
Free-roaming cats, whether domesticated or feral, like to hunt.
Both kill or injure countless native wildlife due to non-native cat predation.
Some species of native wildlife have gone extinct.

Once again: Humans have introduced cats into the environment, therefore human behavior = cause of extinction. (You've seemed to have comprehended my point, Aurelius141... good for you!)

BUT! Because they're cats and everyone just loves cats, we will allow the continuation of predation and extinction of countless more species of native wildlife. Yes, there will be nothing done to address this problem. Why? Because crazy whacked-out cat owners don't think it's a problem.

@Jessdickenya: I'm not used to doing people's homework for them, but you seem to need some much needed help in learning how the internet works:…
Feb 2 Douglas_Banter commented on Mass Extinctions Are No Big Deal.
Everyone stop what you're doing! Aurelius141 says that animals going extinct is not an issue!

Giant Panda: Sorry buddy, you're on the "Threatened" list and on the verge of extinction, but Aurelius141 says tough luck!

Great White Shark and Giant Tortoise: You dudes are going to ride that wave to extinction because we humans have bigger fish to fry!

Renters being evicted? Who cares? Don't you people know that Donald Trump is president?! Homelessness? Meh. We're all going to be homeless in an apocalyptic future, so why do anything about it now? African Americans being killed by cops at rate much higher than whites? YAWN.

Multi-tasking isn't one of Aurelius141's strong points and we can only address things he deems worthy!

*I hope you picked up on my sarcasm.
Feb 1 Douglas_Banter commented on Mass Extinctions Are No Big Deal.
Lithell: Who introduced feral cats to begin with? Are they native feral cats? No. Feral cats come from domesticated cats, therefore it is still human behavior that it causing the problem. Just because feral cats have the biggest impact doesn't mean domesticated cats can be excluded as part of the problem.

My neighbor's DOMESTICATED cat kills birds all the time. Its owners seem to take some special pride in the cat's hunting abilities. I've suggested that they put a bell on its collar, but they argue that the cat "likes to hunt."
Jan 10 Douglas_Banter commented on Meek Computer Geek Reeks.
^ A bit touchy, are we?
Jan 10 Douglas_Banter commented on "Perhaps It Is Trump Who Is The Loser???" — You.
Remember: Clinton won the election. Trump won the Electoral College.
There is indeed a difference.