Jul 11 ERN commented on A New Lawsuit Says Covered Water Reservoirs Will Poison Portlanders.
Columbia South SHORE Well Field. Not Short.
Jul 11 ERN commented on I, Anonymous.
380 whole dollars? That's a pretty specific number to give each year. I guess you must be mighty proud of that, though it's likely <1% of your income. Woohoo Mr/s. Moneybags!

How about you just politely decline so as to not make people feel like shit about having less resources than you?
Apr 28 ERN commented on POLL! Who does Ted Wheeler most resemble?.
None of the above. He totally looks like my old high school classmate Brian.
Apr 4 ERN commented on Good Morning, News: Gun Crazy Weekend, Abby Wambach DUII, and is Trump on the Ropes?.
Your Supreme Court link is actually linked to the conservative sheriff's group story.