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Feb 23 mynamehere commented on Portland, The City that Works?.
Portland's inefficient as fuck at a lot of things, but it's hilariously naive to think any other comparable city with such a rarely severe winter would have all of the damage repaired within the, what? 6 weeks now since out last storm and with no promise that it's the last of the storms. You also clearly have no idea where the ODOT and PDOT boundaries are, respectively.
Dec 28, 2016 mynamehere commented on You're Right, Top Shelf Makes Me a Snob.
Wow, you're incredibly easy to offend (or, sorry, get "stoked"). I also worked my way through my state school undergrad and graduate education, and enjoy a nice bourbon, and I genuinely can't figure out why this bothers you so much. You and these kids. You're both actually worked up over literally nothing more than being at different life stages.
Dec 13, 2016 mynamehere commented on Your Cartopia Doesn't Exist.
It's entirely reasonable to expect people look out for traffic and not make people stop in order to pull out of their driveway. I do it every morning. I'm not more important than anyone else on the road, nor if your neighbor.
Nov 21, 2016 mynamehere commented on Outta My Way!.
RBM is, without question, one of those people who procreated to create the social life they weren't able to foster independently. As the child of one of those, I hope that mental health care is free for them by the time they have to deal with the extreme burden of feeling responsible for their parent's social well being that you put on them.
Nov 7, 2016 mynamehere commented on To the Woman Who Hooted at Sex Scene in Moonlight.
Calm down Helen Lovejoy, you've established that at least one person will think of the children.
Oct 21, 2016 mynamehere commented on I'm That Guy.
...that's how zipper merges are supposed to work though. You're supposed to use both lanes until the last moment. I know Portland's nicehole drivers don't really seem to get that, but you're basically patting yourself on the back for being a contrarian asshole when you're truthfully one of the handful of people using zipper merges correctly.
Oct 11, 2016 mynamehere commented on Dog Warrior.
Last year when there was that modest dusting of snow, a bunch of families brought their kiddos to sled down the hill at Frazer park (which was ridiculous with so little snow but whatever), which is in the off-leash section. They were monopolizing the entire off-leash section which would honestly have been fine if wasn't so the half bald asshole who was a) screaming at people for throwing balls where their kids were playing (in a dog park) and b) telling us we couldn't use the on-leash area as a compromise because that's illegal. Most dog owners just gave up and laughed at him flipping his shit while their dogs ran around.

So basically, fuck you, the lesson I want to teach my children is we are the most important family on the planet and can change well established rules on a whim because of how important we are.
Oct 7, 2016 mynamehere commented on Let Sleeping Dogs Lie... Somewhere Else.
Oh honey. This is adorable but not even close to how that would play out. If you're going to collect a dime of money for anyone for being too stupid to look where you're going and too passive to ask someone to move their dog, it'll be the coffee bar.

Use your words. It'll get you a lot father than your litigious day dreams, or an adorably naive belief that selfish people are going to suddenly pull their heads out of their asses and start paying attention to their surroundings.
Sep 29, 2016 mynamehere commented on Shut that dog the F*ck up.
I don't think it matters if anyone is sleeping or not. It's noise pollution. If someone's car alarm went off non-stop for 20 minutes most days, people would lose their shit. I had a dog would bark like crazy anywhere but home if we left her unattended, so we left her at home like any reasonable person would.

Also, I guess fuck people who work nights I guess. PandaPDX wants you to get your lazy ass out of bed and go back to work.
Sep 23, 2016 mynamehere commented on Kristen Schaal is Stumping for Hillary Clinton in Portland.
So Kurt Braunohler's frequent collaborator Kristen Schaal is going to be in town the same night he's taping his comedy special? What a crazy coincidence!