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in the past few hours pollo commented on The "Homeless".
^ I'd upvote that.
in the past few hours pollo commented on Let me finish Dumbshit.
Do they have wifi at the homeless camps now?
in the past few hours pollo commented on Galore of Dumbshits.
Dog vs human peeing on trees is because no one wants to wonder why your dick is microscopic. Dumbshit.
12:50 PM yesterday pollo commented on Where Do We Go From Here.
Agreed FlavioSuave. This is just the new normal. Maybe consider a break from social media I'Anon. It's done wonders for my mental health. Less grief and envy.
10:43 AM yesterday pollo commented on The "Homeless".
I've totally seen sex acts happening in a city park. We have a lot of parks.
Jul 20 pollo commented on Living The Dream.
They say this because it is considered unprofessional to say "Fuck You", and they work on commission. Upbeat sales people tend to move more product.
Jul 19 pollo commented on Don't Hug Portland.
Someone needs a hug...
Jul 19 pollo commented on Give Credit Where it's Due.
Huh? It would be nice if you explained how soccer fans "saved" Portland. Was it from a tidal wave or volcanic eruption? It certainly wasn't for want of a top tier pro sports franchise. Or the housing crisis. Yes, people from other countries with amazing soccer leagues, come here and watch our soccer fans get really excited about a team that would be considered subpar in your home country! And don't trip over the people sleeping on the sidewalks while you're out and about.
Jul 16 pollo commented on Breeders.
Jealousy seems to be a side effect of having children before you turn thirty. I'm glad my tax money is going to educate young minds; it's the self righteous parents I can't stand. You are no less selfish than someone who chooses not to have children in a world full of people. In fact, dredging up the old trope about being alone when you are old means you are primarily concerned about your own loneliness. When you'll expect your child to wipe your ass like you currently wipe theirs. Except they will probably just put you in a home, so they can worry about their own lives. Good luck with that. Maybe wait a few years before you have your next child. It isn't about you, it's about your child(ren).
Jul 16 pollo commented on Trimet, What the Actual Fuck....
Do you like when your bus is late? Neither do Max riders. If you take public transportation for something important like work or school, it's best to give yourself enough time so when you have to wait an extra 10-30 minutes you are still on time. It is part of adulting. Get used to it. Things only get harder from here on out.