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5:56 PM pollo commented on Higher Scrutiny Leads to Lower Morale For Local Cops.
I'm pretty sure this applies to every job ever. Except, most people don't get guns and pensions at their jobs. But what they do get are bosses and customers who demand the very best.
10:53 PM yesterday pollo commented on In Case You Forgot What Snow in Portland Looks Like....
I watched that first video as it occurred, live from my apartment windows. The snow wasn't the problem, it was the layer of ice underneath it, and the drivers with four wheel drive vehicles in the West hills who thought they were invincible. Nothing stopped them! Until the city parked a fire truck at the top of the hill, which multiple cars proceeded to run into. Trimet is the best solution to most people's transportation problems in a winter storm. Or just stay home and have fun! Be safe folks!
Dec 5 pollo commented on The “Liberal Bubble” Is a Ridiculous Myth.
As someone who grew up in a rural area that once had a thriving mill economy, but now lives in a city for the sole purpose of obtaining employment I know the liberal bubble to be a real thing. Not all cities are liberal bubbles, however. Some cities host a variety of political ideas. But Portland certainly is.
Dec 3 pollo commented on Lots of Money that Could Be Better Spent.
Two words: Phil Knight.
Dec 3 pollo commented on I, Anonymous.
Don't like shopping amongst the unwashed masses? Take advantage of Prime Now delivery or Clicklist from Fred Meyer. Order your groceries and spend minimal time amongst the rest of humanity. Problem solved. Happy Holidays to everyone who doesn't have to deal with you.
Nov 18 pollo commented on How Proud You Must Be.
Pft, $150 for dinner? That's what dinner for his dogs cost.
Nov 16 pollo commented on Oregonians: Cats are fine; PEOPLE need you.
You know who has the ability to make their lives (even marginally) better? People. You know what often gets put to death due to over population? Cats. Give to whatever charity you please, but don't disparage those who choose to give to a group that supports a different noun than yourself.
Nov 9 pollo commented on We Can't Go On. We'll Go On..
Thank you for this. It is much needed and appreciated.
Nov 9 pollo commented on Morning, News: Formerly Known as “Good Morning, News”.
No. But Kanye has.
Nov 8 pollo commented on Old Fart in Trump Hat at St. Johns Food Carts.
We're all dying btw.