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1:26 AM yesterday pollo commented on Wanna Know What Portland Homes Are Up for Demolition? Check Out the City's New Mapping Tool.
That hard to pin down character that seems mysterious to some is literally in the nickname Stumptown. Timber is one of the industries that built this town and made it a city, and beautiful homes made out of Oregon's old growth logs are special. Homes made from our great states lumber with pride and craftsmanship that have stood the test of time are our hallmark. Every generations "progress" chips away at the character of any city. It would be a shame to see Portland lose it completely.
Aug 26 pollo commented on Snifflelifflegus.
Maybe they just want to skip work and/or a social event to avoid having to deal with your bitchy ass for a day and have to play up the whole sick thing when they came back. If not, I hope they gave you whatever germs they had. People get sick.
Aug 26 pollo commented on Transplant Hate Coming from Who?.
Oh PandaPDX, you're such an old economy Steve. But keep it up, we need reminding now and again not to assume what works for us will work for future generations.
Aug 26 pollo commented on PDX Mugshots.
Or you could just meet people the old fashioned way, through friends.
Aug 26 pollo commented on OKCupid: The Conclusion.
Or you could just meet people the old fashioned way, through friends.
Aug 26 pollo commented on Fuck You, Breeder.
Thanks Aurelius141. Wish I could agree that was well articulated, but typing that out on my phone left my grammar wanting. Obamacare didn't do what was needed to solve our health care problem, other than take away the preexisting condition exclusion. I think everyone would be a lot more understanding of each other if there was an equal opportunity to have our basic needs met. Hell, I'd probably have two rugrats of my own if that was the case. I'll end this before I make a ringing endorsement for the Communist party. President Trump will probably make hanging internet commies a goal for his first 100 days.
Aug 25 pollo commented on Transplant Hate Coming from Who?.
Nobody hates transplants from Idaho. They are part of the Northwest and don't move here with suitcases/ bank accounts full of cash ready to buy up hideous condos. There are 100 of them versus the hordes coming from California. 41,000 people moved here last year and the majority are from California.
Aug 24 pollo commented on Fuck You, Breeder.
Lol, I didn't write this. I'm just living the life of someone who has chosen not to have kids Aurelius141, like quite a few women these days. It pretty great, not having to having to depend on your life being subsidized by others and not having to worry if your kids have enough to eat or can you afford their needs and wants. But I do agree we need a single payer health care system and STAT! Health care should be a right, not a luxury as it currently is. And I don't hate everyone, just people who think fulfilling your most basic instincts makes you a special snowflake and then hates on those who don't. Just returning the hate. Like a reflector.
Aug 23 pollo commented on A New Bike/Pedestrian Bridge Is Coming to NW Portland—And Spurring Some Debate.
Sure it's dangerous and unpleasant. But not by East Portland standards.
Aug 23 pollo commented on Fuck You, Breeder.
You won't have to Aurelis141. They can afford insurance.