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Apr 9 Chorizogrande commented on I Don't Owe No Stinking Arts Tax.
Yeah, I want some evidence that this tax is doing something significant. Let's start with PPS, Parkrose and the other districts in the county.
Apr 9 Chorizogrande commented on Who Remembers Legal Tender?.
Anything naturally beneficial for us is bad for corporate biz and...well, you know the game.
Aug 23, 2016 Chorizogrande commented on How Human Are You?.
@PandaPDX How has the PPS system improved??? The Super is being fired (reported as early retirement but we know how the system works) for a woeful job at her post the last few years. What's the graduation rates across the system? What's the state SAT scores looking like nowadays?? I read that they are culturally biased and kids of color increasingly fail it.