I eat.

Jul 19 catbot commented on We Put Biketown to the Test on Mt. Tabor. It Got Us to the Top—Eventually.
Oof! I feel your pain. The slight hill on NE 12th just south of Knott got me nice and sweaty. I have a feeling my first ride up from the lower deck of the Steel bridge is going to be, well, special. BUT I AM GOING TO DO IT. And the roads themselves are much less bumpy when riding the orange beast (not the Donald. Or maybe they are the Donalds. Hmm... "I'm going to ride a donald to my meeting later today.")
Jul 1 catbot commented on In Swiss Army Man, Dano and Radcliffe Are Best Friends Forever.
I shall have a double feature with BFG, and my flatulence dreams will be complete.
Jun 30 catbot commented on The BFG: Just Like E.T., But Bigger!.
I prefer your Blogtown headline: "The BFG Features Farting Giants. Also Farting Corgis." Based on this information, I shall see this film. (Although I will not share this information with my friends who are planning to come with me, as they are tender souls and not as committed to fart humor)
Jun 22 catbot commented on Jeff Goldblum's Psychosexual Power.
Yes. And I appreciate the commitment of the online Mercury film section to Jeff Goldblum. (I might have also had a thing for Rick Moranis)
May 26 catbot commented on Death of the Mall Rat.
Before the renovation started, I've often walked through the mall (particularly on very hot or wet days) and sometimes enjoyed their comfy chairs or worked in the food court area. At least last summer, there often seemed to be a great cross-section of Portland at the mall.

I'd love the renovation to succeed, but it seems like the mall will still be mostly facing inward, surrounded by parking. The quotes from leadership this last year all seem generic corporate mall-speak with little changing besides cosmetics (maybe because they can't discuss negotiations, maybe because...). Maybe it will work. Maybe they will get great local businesses. Maybe they will integrate into the surrounding neighborhood. Maybe they will host great community events. Maybe the businesses will thrive. I hope.
May 23 catbot commented on Ahead of His Portland Show, Scott Aukerman Discusses Seven Years of Comedy Bang! Bang!.
Is there more to the article after the "oodles" paragraph? It seems cut off on the mobile site...
Apr 28 catbot commented on POLL! Who does Ted Wheeler most resemble?.
He looks like Martha's fake(?) husband Clark from The Americans, who is actually Philip. Really freaks me out.
Apr 25 catbot commented on Portland Now Has an After-Work Happy Hour Comedy Show.
I approve. I'm tired and in bed most nights by 9 pm. Although the time stamp on this comment means I'm up past my bedtime.