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Dec 5, 2016 MichaelAndersen commented on The Eagles Lodge on Hawthorne May Soon Be Sold, Members Say (Updated).
If 56 of us joined the Fraternal Order of Eagles on Monday, would the Ohioans be willing to let this little slice of low-rent Portland stay put? What does one have to do to be an Eagle these days anyway? Highway litter pickup in July and a charity dinner in December?

I'm sorta serious.
Jul 18, 2016 MichaelAndersen commented on Move Over, Burnside 26! The New Apartment Building You'll Love to Hate is the YARD.
The fact that anybody would have to agree to pay $2400 for a one-bedroom is the underlying problem, but Yard is the solution to the extent that it's giving those people who can afford that price a place to live other than my house. If it weren't there they'd be bidding their way into it instead.

Also might be worth noting that 57 of those apartments will be low-rent and reserved for households making 60 percent or less of local median income.