Suzette Smith
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Sep 15 Suzette Smith commented on Fashion Do’s and Don’t You Dares.
I love the way topknots look but I have also admittedly edited a topknot out of a show photo twice this week. All girls to the front. Topknots in the back.
Aug 16 Suzette Smith updated his or her bio.
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May 20 Suzette Smith commented on Restaurant and Developer Groups Are Piling Onto A Camping Lawsuit Against the City.
Oh my god where is the list of businesses involved in this lawsuit. I want to stop shopping at them immediately.
May 19 Suzette Smith commented on Get Smart with QDoc.
When I first saw this post's image I was like, "Oh shit! Backstreet Boys update!" and now I'm disappointed Backstreet isn't this fabulous.
May 14 Suzette Smith commented on Portland Wiccans For Bernie.
Ah! That dog in the circle is so good at spooky witch circle!