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Re: “This Is It

Correction: Ham on Hopper, not Ham on Hooper...

Also: A line from Ann Powers' WEIRD LIKE US that provides a frame for hopefully future generations of kids as seekers after truth. Writing about rock was a way to write about the world. That has been lost along with the curiosity about the world as each new tech disruption contributes to the NarciStick Selfie effect.

Posted by Laylow Studios Mitch on 05/16/2015 at 11:23 AM

Re: “This Is It

The title of Jessica Hooper's book may be accurate and the point about this being the first book specifically comprised of a female rock writer's criticism is duly noted well into the 21st Century. A bit misleading though as an early female pioneer of rock writing was Ellen Willis and her essays were published in her lifetime up through her passing in 2006.

Having said that, and in no way wanting to disparage Jessica Hooper's breakthrough here, there are other kinds of rock writing besides criticism. A couple of Pacific Coast female pioneers of rock writing in SF WEEKLY and EAST BAY EXPRESS that included criticism, Ann Powers and Gina Arnold have also written books that while being closer to socio-musical memoir and biography should be noted as context for the trail continuing to be blazed by Jessica Hooper. Ann Powers' 1990's and aughts boho Pilgrim's Progress is covered in the aptly titled WEIRD LIKE US: My Bohemian America from Seattle to San Francisco record shop shifts and lifestyles to alt journalism via (still indie) SF WEEKLY movin' on up fast to NY TIMES back down by her own choice to no longer quite so indie VILLAGE VOICE back up to corporate LA TIMES to last heard over NPR essaying pop big game hunting from Alabama, where as Groucho noted the Tuscaloosa!

Gina Arnold's EXILE IN GUYVILLE a reassessment of Liz Phair was reissued in 2014 with a think piece by NY TIMES book reviewer Dwight Garner last June that is as chunkily accessible as it is ambitious in championing that alchemical moment in pop that used to be weighed or buoyancy-tested for gravitas and annointed somewhat pretentiously by trademarked rock-as- art writers like Greil Marcus and Ellen Willis's onetime partner of the VV PAZZ & JOP Awards, the Dean of Rock Writing Anal Retentive Concision, Robert Christgau. Like Jessica Hooper and Robert Ham's appreciation above, these are essayists and journalists as well as critics whose writing about the music our lives play background to works on a whole lotta levels.

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Posted by Laylow Studios Mitch on 05/13/2015 at 10:41 PM

Re: “Shake Some Action

Thanks for the coverage. 40+ years since their last visit to NW (and that was a
Seattle-area rock fest) they stroll into KBOO last night on Brandon's Drinking From Puddles show and Callie Danger's DitchDigger Radio and plunge right back into that jangly crackling groove with vocals and 'tude like ya only get on community radio. Po'town blessed with alt media. They oughta look up from their screens every so often and check it out. Keep on doing...

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Posted by Laylow Studios Mitch on 03/12/2015 at 1:51 PM

Re: “New Column!

All that mug needs is a swingin' tarboush worn at a rakish angle

Posted by Laylow Studios Mitch on 03/12/2015 at 12:57 PM

Re: “New Column!

"SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR OTTER" me arse! Dat gerbil-jowled kin to far better calumnist Frank Cassano has way more 'tude skewed up 'tween those cozy kelp beds and its insufferably entitled tush. 400 years ruling the Muddle East & North Africa during the Otterman Empire leaves this unctuous swamp swine shy of the credibility gap. Mind da credibility gap entering and exiting the shyster stream...
Mitchito & Softshoe Sheehan
bucking fer parole at the punitentiary

Posted by Laylow Studios Mitch on 03/11/2015 at 7:44 PM

Re: “A Bridge Broken

This superb reconstruction of the latest scam to reduce Oregonians and especially Multnomahns to laissez faire losers at the hidden hands of market forces and either inept or corrupt government puts to shame the shoddy reconstruction of the Morrison Bridge. VanderHart's work should be held up as an example for the Center of Public Integrity. ProPublica or cub reporters as that's where most of the investigative reporting now gets jobbed out by the sleekly streamlined corporate media and every-other-day daily advertisers like the "O." Old School J-schools used to teach this stuff until The Great Disruption took students' curiosity away along with any hope of a sustainable trade in journalism. Who needs journalism when we have social media!

Wondering whether in any of the reports the MERCURY has run going back to 2013 on this Morrison Bridge polymer surfacing fiasco there was any consultation with faculty or other staff at PSU's Maseeh College of Engineering and in particular the Mechanical and Materials Engineering staff? The quotes pulled from the out-of-state contractor Conway and the North Carolina materials vendor ZellComp along with their sub-contracted Virginia fabrication and manufacturer Strongwell along with the comments from the Florida Department of Transportation source(s) lack any grounding in civil or materials engineering. In fact only the latter source(s) can be considered to be free of conflicts of interest. Good of your intrepid investigative reporter to note the county's big plate of bridges to maintain, with a new one coming online this coming September. What sort of experimental polymers or other illustrations of the virtues of innovation and risk-taking has the Tillicum Bike, Bus & Rail Bridge in store for us? What about the replacement for the Sellwood Bridge that Clackamas voters and their reps claim falls beyond the purview of their limited liability model of county government?

Gotta love the Pynchonian named Strongwell LLC Vice President Glenn Barefoot offering few substantive responses to the MERCURY, but lawdy can he write an internal memo under-girded with the most practical PR considerations and cosmetic epoxy. One can envision Strongwell exec Barefoot stepping lightly over his firm's faulty polymer fabricated re-surfacing of the Morrison Bridge, turning an ankle perhaps in one of the crazes as a montage of the Minneapolis Mississippi River bridge collapse back in August of 2007 is Power Point-ed to Strongwell's more cautious staff. But then, caution doesn't make any serious money, as MARKETPLACE and SMART MONEY and most of OPB's other piped-in programs underwritten by the foundations in bid-net to propagandize for Risk & Innovation (as long as you shift the risk to the taxpayer and innovate using OPM - other people's money). Snake-oil was the American Way long before Risk & Innovation was all that we had left to offer the manufacturing giants of the world to whom we now hawk our consulting and bundling services.

Keep on doing and keeping the flim-flammers real!
The MERC oughta go daily!!!!!!!!
We'll see if all the winning 'bidders' on the Morrison Bridge Project provided any better Warranty Protection than did California's ORACLE when they sold us Oregonians our Cover Oregon web-site! Funny thing is that PSU's Maseeh College of Engineering also offers advanced degrees and conducts corporate-underwritten research for its Colleges of Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Engineering and Tech Management!
(Of course I doubt Multnomah County supervisors could afford the tuition)

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Posted by Laylow Studios Mitch on 02/06/2015 at 9:54 PM

Re: “Gored

There remains unbounded appetite in these parts for skanky...err atmospheric dive bars. The commenter\letter writers who properly commended Dirk for digging up the back-story to the Matador's closing back on the 9-11-14 MERC blog could have, however, greedily asked for why some beloved other joints have gone broke. I agree though, that with the Timbers masochistic fans filling the soccer stadium across the street and bringing much needed money into that speculation-gone-bust 'hood at the NW end of Burnside, one wondered how a skanky errrr rustic bar across the street could not be rolling in dough.

The comment above is economically savvy in ways news consumers and the body politic are not by noting that stagnant wages and inflated rent & food costs for the overworked employed and massive unemployed will affect the bottom lines of all those new entrepreneurial establishments that are often cleaner and in compliance with hygiene, safety and access codes. This is why Jude Wanniski (wiki him, the networks and corp tax-cutters who create our wealth dontcha know by taking their tax sheltered dough and creating jobs, they don't mention Wanniski much anymore).

The Laffer-able Supply Siders cum Voo Doo Reaganomics trickle-downers are now being rehabbed in the media with reform President Obama's & Wall Street's help at every curve. However they will have to get more creative as the global lack of demand has done caught up with automated oversupply while lots of lots may have to be turned toward hosting the new Hooverville tent camps. From the western world to China even the economists turned conflict-of-interest policy-makers have to concede We da People done be oversupplied, over-entertained while being unsustainably employed, under-housed and under-fed.

My personal choice for Dirk's next installment of Whatever Happened To This Neighborhood Dive is The Blue Monk that used to present decent affordable eats and drinks upstairs with some of the most risk-taking jazz, hip-hop (including the newsworthy incident just prior to its closing) new and world music with lively spoken word stuff down their rickety, skanky errr redolent cellar stairs. I've been asking around the musical community that supported and was supported by The Blue Monk and I came up with no plausible sounding answers though much conspiratorial speculation.

Yours in waiting,

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Posted by Laylow Studios Mitch on 09/18/2014 at 11:42 PM

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