Oct 14 albert commented on Ringo Starr Is Basically My Surrogate Uncle.
Very few drummers argue that Ringo was a shitty drummer, and those that do tend to be obsessed with technique rather than music. His shuffles are perfect, and his fills -- especially during the Beatles' psychedelic era -- are melodic and inventive. Imagine any other drummer playing on A Day in the Life or Strawberry Fields Forever; neither song would be anywhere near as good.

Still, I would love to hear Keith Moon on Helter Skelter.
Oct 1 albert commented on Socially Acceptable Housing.
Yes, it is only for atonal immigrants. That's why you hear Arnold Schoenberg every time you're on the east end of the Burnside Bridge.
Sep 18 albert commented on "You're Welcome" is the Proper Response, Children..
I’m not surprised it took a foreigner to notice that. Americans today are nothing but riff-raff, and you’re lucky if someone doesn’t knife you for even the slightest display of good manners. Regrettably, we as a nation have become accustomed to it.

In the America of my youth, when someone said, “Thank you,” even the most detestable miscreant would reply, “You honor me deeply with your words. The idea that I may have performed any act or spoken any words that would elicit your gratitude fills my soul with a jubilance that I had hardly imagined possible. It is my greatest desire that someday I may again receive the thanks of such a fine gentleman (or gentlewoman) such as yourself. May the angels smile upon you.” Of course, that was BEFORE OBAMA.
Sep 14 albert commented on I, Anonymous.
Don’t worry. As soon as Uber replaces its drivers with driver-less cars, all Uber drivers will be out of their jobs. By driving for Uber, they're funding Uber's program to make their jobs obsolete. And, if Uber has its way, they won't even be able to collect unemployment, because Uber considers them to be independent contractors instead of employees.

The bad news is that taxi drivers will most likely be out of their jobs by then, too, and they are also independent contractors.
Sep 9 albert commented on Deaths Of Homeless People Shot Way Up in Multnomah County Last Year.
There are a number of reasons someone might be homeless, including mental illness and drug addiction. This report brought to mind Barbara Roberts' quote about Measure 5, which cut social services in Oregon that have not been restored: "More people will die because of what we have done here."
Sep 8 albert commented on The Store Ignore.
Don't worry. Considering how little money they make, they'll all be forced to move somewhere cheaper soon. And the people who can still afford to live in this town can stock the shelves themselves.
Sep 4 albert commented on Hey, Who Wants to Buy That Statue of Naked Donald Trump? (Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?).
I hope whoever buys it gives it to the people of Aberdeen, Scotland. The perfect place for a naked Trump statue is overlooking his golf course there.
Aug 30 albert commented on If You're Thinking About Buying a Home in Portland, DO NOT BUY A HOME IN PORTLAND.
But every realtor tells me it's a great time to buy! Besides, if I don't own a house, how can I turn it into an illegal Airbnb?
Aug 20 albert commented on Über Nightmare.
When Uber replaces all their drivers with driverless cars, can we finally retire the bullshit term "sharing economy"?
Aug 13 albert commented on Old Town Karaoke Mainstay the Boiler Room is Being Pushed Out By New San Francisco Property Owners.
There's no good reason why Dirk should report that the San Francisco real estate company that bought the building is from San Francisco. In the future, Dirk should withhold any and all facts that might cause offense to Todd. Offending Todd is bad journalism.