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10:16 PM yesterday snickerdoodle commented on Cops Insist On Bringing Guns into Portland’s New Mental Health Hospital.
I agree, bridger. If it's a situation that's escalated past Unity's ability to handle, they should not dictate what happens next as they can't implement what happens next.

However, these are professional mental health caregivers and their concerns for their patients' safety are pretty valid. PPB has an atrocious track record with excessive use of force and outright killing of mentally unstable citizens. They are doing tons of training and are improving, but still have a long ways to go to get to a trustworthy status.

Why not hire private security? Plain clothes, no visible weapons? Onsite protocols and training to minimize violent conflict. It might feel helpful to staff if they have that backup as a reassurance to their own safety as well.
9:55 PM yesterday snickerdoodle commented on Savage Love.
^What alternate universe are you from? Dan savage is the best thing about this rag. If you don't like solid advice from a sex positive pragmatist and hilariously awkward hijinx, then keep it pushing.

Oh, i get it. You're here to troll the tortilla "discussion". Either way, get to stepping, we don't take kindly to "Strangers" around these parts.
9:37 PM yesterday snickerdoodle commented on Fool Me Once.
When "Friends" moved to portland.
May 22 snickerdoodle commented on This Week in Appropriation: Kooks Burritos and Willamette Week.
This is the type of divisive rhetoric that makes identity politics so unpalatable. Progressive minded people, ask yourself, do you want to be morally superior to everyone, or do you want to win congressional, senate, and presidential elections? Because the two are becoming more mutually exclusive every time you focus attention on ridiculous stories like these. People, normal people, who live their lives in a pragmatic, civil way look at shit like this and think, "WTF is happening to society?". First of all, tortillas don't equal an appropriation with negative consequences. They can't possibly. It's just too bizarre a thought process and normal people won't do the mental gymnastics to make it so. So they assume you're stupid, crazy, or both and you've successfully alienated them. Second, if these girls did something wrong, the only people they owe an apology to is the mexican women who they wronged unless their original intention was to subjugate and systemically oppress them, which again...tortillas.

When did people with no manners, civility, or social etiquette hijack the trajectory of discourse? I am progressive as fuck, i believe we should invest in reparations, legalize all drugs, take business out of healthcare and raise taxes until every person in this country has full, state sponsored access to healthcare, access to continuing education, and equality of opportunity and those issues are what are important to me. Not tortillas. Not being on the morally superior side of tortillas. Not even if they were stolen. Because tortilla theft is dead last on my list of shit that is wrong with our state and country.

PS. My mexican GF giggled when she heard this story and immediately rattled off all the ingredients in a tortilla. Real mexicans are laughing at you. If you follow the sound of their laughter, you'll find your way back to where tortillas aren't a tool to racially oppress mexicans they are just for eating.
May 22 snickerdoodle commented on Goals.
You've already accomplished major life goals. Feel free to ignore that caveat as it is not aimed at you it is meant to weed out the infestation of peter pans who have flocked to Portland and flooded the dating scene.
May 22 snickerdoodle commented on Get to Know an Anarchist.
@ for all. The projects and professors you mention, are they smashing windows and starting fires? Or are they adults who are exercising their right to diversity of thought in a free and democratic society?

May 21 snickerdoodle commented on A Couple of Kooks (Addendum).
Stop rubbing this story in the mercury's face. They are kicking themselves over having missed it enough.

Improper food appropriation is totally "their lane".
May 20 snickerdoodle commented on I Can See Clearly Now Tablecloth Apple.
Is this what passes for clever now?
May 19 snickerdoodle commented on My Pendleton Flannel at Fleet Foxes.
It pains me to see my city suffer this plague of buffoonery.
May 19 snickerdoodle commented on Paul Ryan is a Slime-ball.
Yeah. Remember when everybody lost their minds because feelings were becoming more valid than fact? It's apparently contagious, because no matter how much you want to believe that DT is a treasonous dirtbag, there is no direct evidence backing that theory...yet.

So what is wrong with waiting to see what the facts are? At best you're validated and he is impeached and then head butted to death by a pack of feral goats. At worst youre wrong and you still get to maintain the appearance of a level headed adult who doesn't commit to an idea unless it has some factual basis.