Aestro No one cares what I'm doing right now.
Jul 19 Aestro commented on I, Anonymous.
People say that shit all the time and it was tired 5 years ago.
Mar 22 Aestro commented on .
But not just because of the likes, but also because I strongly dislike the new layout in general. Just one more unwanted transplant.
Mar 22 Aestro commented on .
This was not written by me but it may as well have been.
Feb 29 Aestro commented on Burn in Hell, Brewcycle.
You all are being unnecessarily harsh on someone that had the very reasonable request of an Aerosmith-free weekend.
Feb 26 Aestro commented on I Raised You Differently.
None of my old comments show up in my profile either.

What's the point of even commenting if I can't bring up my award-winning Neko Atsume commentary in the middle of job interviews?
Feb 26 Aestro No one cares what I'm doing right now.
Feb 25 Aestro commented on You'll Pray for Me?.
I don't trust any story in which one side "mumbled some shit".

That "shit" might've been an apology that I,A didn't want to hear because it's more fun to be mad than forgive.