Sep 22, 2016 phijef commented on Well, Here's an Image of Donald Trump That's Enough to Make Your Heart Stop.
Dear baby Jesus lying in your crib. Looking all sweet and snugly. Sucking on Your heavenly thumb. Dearest of dear baby Jesus, bless us all if Satan's own spawn, Donald J. Trump, becomes president. Please, dear baby Jesus, come down from the heavens with your cute chubby little cheeks and fat, rolly-polly arms, come down and shield us with your benign baby drool. Smother us with it so that Satan's own, Donald J. Trump, may not cause any harm to us. In the sweetest, cutest, chubiest, little munchkin's name. Amen.
May 27, 2016 phijef commented on Everything As Fuck.
The PSU Birds...put a bird on it.