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Apr 20, 2016 idontcurrr commented on The City's Getting Sued Over Its New Homeless Camping Policies.
I've lived downtown guys, there are tents and obviously drug-addicted or seasonal homeless in all kinds of places there weren't even two years ago. Nobody who lives in the city is denying that, if they are they're pushing a narrative. It's f**king obvious, they weren't there, now they are there.

I'm not offering any cure here, but whatever the city is doing is not helping. Portland is a destination town - check the interviews Vice did with the seasonal folks a couple years ago, they said straight up that they know it's a great place to come and shoot dope in the Summer as they are left alone, pretty much on prime real estate.

The city is going to shit in this regard and if you don't agree you're either naiive, bullshitting, or don't life down here.