Mar 19 Ten Red commented on I Thought This Would Be So Much Easier.
It's the long dreary dregs of March in Portland that are amplifying your sad emotions. Stop romanticizing this person on an endless loop and put them back in there place as just another person in the world. Just go out and not give a fuck because you can. Imagine being with someone you can't get away from.
Mar 18 Ten Red commented on Fun Facts About Crosswalks!.
Never interpret the written word as the undisputed truth, because sometimes it will get you killed.
Jan 15 Ten Red commented on Shovel your Fucking Sidewalk.
Why? So people can walk back and forth in front of ONLY my house?
Dec 18, 2016 Ten Red commented on Been Single Too Long.
I love Super 8 films.. don't know if you're a guy or girl, but bring over some reels along with your clean ass and we'll have a good time.
Nov 6, 2016 Ten Red commented on "Ride" by Twenty One Pilots is Fucking Awful.
It's like a parallel regurgitation of ghetto metal from the 90's
Oct 26, 2016 Ten Red commented on Hey Portland, Drive the Car!.
Portland drivers are the biggest collection of turds on wheels throughout the world, or in the history of the world. We really need traffic cops to get these fuckers to go when a light turns green, the slackerness and PCness are unreal. Not to mention the small town laws are outdated, and entitled assholes love abusing them and they jump into traffic. Those people can all piss off too. Don't get me started with an I/A on PDX drivers.
Oct 5, 2016 Ten Red commented on Why is Life so Difficult?.
The problem is, you need to start smoking pot, ASAP
Sep 22, 2016 Ten Red commented on I HATE House Flippers.
That's not legal. After the crash, new restrictions limit flip sales to at least 90 days after purchase.
Sep 18, 2016 Ten Red commented on WINTER IS COMING.....
I stopped reading at "dog owners" yawn
Sep 5, 2016 Ten Red commented on Perpetual Tourists.
"I want to sing, i want to paint, i want to sculpt something massive!!! Whoahh!"