8:32 AM yesterday Ten Red commented on Galore of Dumbshits.
I think this could be worthy of a new column called "Portland Dumb Shits" documenting the rampant incompetence, backwardness and total dysfunction of just about everything in Portland.
Apr 23 Ten Red commented on Bernie and the Message.
Let's just hope that everyone who is "feeling the Bern" actually shows up at the fucking mid terms and votes this time. Are all his supporters too young to remember 2008-2010? I recall the same religious following with Obama (which i was a part of), and many similar goals... Then everyone went back to sleep after the general election, while the opposition got fired up and put the ca bosh on anything pro active . Learn Learn Learn People!!!
Apr 10 Ten Red commented on More Cafe Woes.
Then drink coffee and listen to your music at home you fucking moron. And that goes for the rest of you introverted assholes!! Keep your dead souls out of our social environments!!
Apr 3 Ten Red commented on Saturday Stroll.
How about you mind your own business and keep walking
Mar 12 Ten Red commented on Attention Pedestrian: No One Can See You.
We have a diseased pedestrian culture here, where people think it's OK to walk right into traffic no matter the conditions. When I see people do it, I immediately think "new transplant" trying to foolishly fit in. Then I think, moron, jackass, imbecile! Because that's exactly what you are when you step out in front of moving cars that can't see you. Try not to take the pedestrian right away laws too literally people, because the grim reaper doesn't give a fuck about your rules!!!