Oct 5 Ten Red commented on Why is Life so Difficult?.
The problem is, you need to start smoking pot, ASAP
Sep 22 Ten Red commented on I HATE House Flippers.
That's not legal. After the crash, new restrictions limit flip sales to at least 90 days after purchase.
Sep 18 Ten Red commented on WINTER IS COMING.....
I stopped reading at "dog owners" yawn
Sep 5 Ten Red commented on Perpetual Tourists.
"I want to sing, i want to paint, i want to sculpt something massive!!! Whoahh!"
Sep 4 Ten Red commented on Lookie Loo.
Some stranger likes to people watch, so what? You like to watch people watching people, so what?
Aug 24 Ten Red commented on Portland’s Speed Limits Ignore Cyclists and Pedestrians.
That's the extent of the brain power when it comes to any kind of solution to what is a total disaster. Lowering the speed limit in a town where nothing moves? When you're still in heavy slow traffic at 8pm on a Sunday night? The streets and flow of traffic are at a complete breakdown with the influx of people. It's way too late for crosswalks and bike lanes, but let's see how many more people we can kill just to make a righteous point. Fix the lights and get traffic moving!! And do something about the bowling alley parking lot on 92nd and Powell, serving as the only way to go East off of a major freeway onto a major street you dipwads!!!
Aug 21 Ten Red commented on Trapped in Hell.
He's in a hard spot because the legal system is rigged to side with whoever's being a total piece of shit when it comes to family law these days. This total piece of shit woman has the luxury of holding this poor bastard hostage with his kids and his integrity. I hope they find her face down floating up the Willamette, and I hope no one is surprised.
Aug 13 Ten Red commented on Negative Neds and Nellies.
Welcome to Portland. Hope your parents can afford the rent while you soak up the scenery and live out the cliche'.
Jul 23 Ten Red commented on Galore of Dumbshits.
I think this could be worthy of a new column called "Portland Dumb Shits" documenting the rampant incompetence, backwardness and total dysfunction of just about everything in Portland.
Apr 23 Ten Red commented on Bernie and the Message.
Let's just hope that everyone who is "feeling the Bern" actually shows up at the fucking mid terms and votes this time. Are all his supporters too young to remember 2008-2010? I recall the same religious following with Obama (which i was a part of), and many similar goals... Then everyone went back to sleep after the general election, while the opposition got fired up and put the ca bosh on anything pro active . Learn Learn Learn People!!!