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11:10 AM yesterday randyzpdx commented on Sky High Prices.
according to my employer, my cost of living salary adjustment this year was just 1%, and these folks are fucking that up for me...
11:07 AM yesterday randyzpdx commented on Pre-Roll Me Another One.
best thing to do with a one-gram preroll is to unroll it and smoke it some other way, but then you might just as well buy a gram of flower...
Sep 20 randyzpdx commented on I'd like a $40 pizza, Mr. Mayor.
If it's not locked down, don't leave it on your bike.
Sep 20 randyzpdx commented on Shitbrew of Growing Brewery Rules.
OLCC rules, dude. If they don't serve food, children ain't allowed. But I guess it's not your license or business that's on the line here now, is it?
Sep 20 randyzpdx commented on Hippie-Critical Behavior.
I'd be unplugging that shit and leaving it unplugged if I was walking there. And any douchebag that parks in the sidewalk or the crosswalk can expect some size twelve boot prints on the top of their car.
Sep 20 randyzpdx commented on Good Morning, News: Fried Chicken Raps, Horse Hooves on Belmont, and the Plight of Skittles.
Guy on the horse is probably on that bike ride and has nothing at all to do with y'all queda.

Just sayin'...
Sep 12 randyzpdx commented on Carpool Moms.
Fuck that shit, I don't suck tailpipe when I'm waiting in traffic and if that means an leave an extra car length between a few cars, cry me a river. Or leave earlier, so you're not late all the time, then you won't have to worry. And that honk and flash the peace sign thing? Totally passive-aggressive.
Sep 8 randyzpdx commented on The Store Ignore.
two choices - shop somewhere else; higher minimum wage.
Aug 26 randyzpdx commented on Black Lifestyles Matter.
repost of a Trump tweet.
Aug 26 randyzpdx commented on Please Don't Be a Dick.
Just by writing this you are cycling dick #1.