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Feb 23 randyzpdx commented on Didn't Mean to Startle You.
God forbid anyone's car or truck should get touched, the horror! Makes me angry just reading about it!
Feb 22 randyzpdx commented on Quest for Rest.
Great, just in time for the influx of new homeless campers fleeing the California floods. I really don't care if people want to camp, but can somebody please, please tell all these people to keep their campsites the fuck out of the right of way, stop stealing stuff from their hard working housebound neighbors, and figure out a better way to provide sanitation in their camps besides a bunch of five-gallon buckets full of stale and probably toxic piss and shit?
Feb 21 randyzpdx commented on Mayor Ted Wheeler: Monday's Police Response To Trump Protest a "Mistake".
The flow of traffic isn't the most important thing to protect; Portland cops are assholes, and we'll see if Wheeler can reign them in or not...
Feb 15 randyzpdx commented on The Hollywood Theatre's Airport Microcinema Will Open February 23.
yeah but where's the airport carpet?
Feb 7 randyzpdx commented on Senate Confirms Betsy DeVos, Biggest Threat to Public Schools Since the Flu that Went Around Last Month.
looks like she's already picking carpet and tile for her new office in that picture.
Jan 25 randyzpdx commented on Check Your Driving Privilege, Please.
And please start using your fucking turn signals!
Jan 11 randyzpdx commented on Avoid The Downtown Crown.
I'd say B- in creative writing.
Dec 6, 2016 randyzpdx commented on A Winter Storm's on the Way. Here Are Available Warming Shelters.
or you could go to Dirk's house...
Dec 6, 2016 randyzpdx commented on Fatalities In The War On Cars Are Never In Cars.
Toronto is not alone, throughout North America it's an open secret that if you want to get away with murder, use a car as your weapon instead of a gun or a knife.