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"The trouble with the world was," she continued hesitatingly, "that people were still superstitious instead of scientific. He said if everybody would study science more,… More »

eprophet is thinking aloud.
Jun 16 eprophet commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Get Out There and Fight.
“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'”
Jun 15 eprophet commented on A Homeless Coworker.
It almost seems like the OP and the Rev have identified the kind of folks who need help the least. The ones whose bootstraps are just a little bit too short right now. What about the crazy-eyed panhandler whose partner slapped her around and kicked her out because he didn't want to share his fix and was tired of her whiny kids? Who doesn't have boots, let alone bootstraps? I'm more likely to slip some cash to the one who reminds me least of myself. The one whose story I could never guess, but who looks like their day could be made a whole lot better really easily.

Jun 15 eprophet commented on O.I.T. Graduating Class of 440—Sans Diversity.
But there were men from 8 different European and 3 different Asian ethnicities!
Jun 15 eprophet commented on Sent by Lucifer Herself.
Oh, I so hope this worked and I wish I could be there when you pull the con. How much are you going to extort?
Jun 10 eprophet commented on Balloons on Broadway Lady Driver.
Does your uniform have one of those perky hats? Car I trust my car to the man who wears the star?
Jun 10 eprophet commented on Why I Hate My Hometown of Portland, OR.
Those of us left behind in this hellhole will surely wail and gnash our teeth at being unable to make the same bold move. Those folks in Charlottesville are SO lucky to have you. I'm sure there are no imagery people there. And there probably aren't needle marks all over downtown Char-town, amirite?
May 29 eprophet is thinking aloud.
May 27 eprophet commented on Faith in Humanity Renewed Again!.
Jesus, Ida, what beans are you gonna spill next? Don't tell them about the nanotrackers in their fillings or the photoreactive tattoos the pedicurists are secretly etching on everyones toes.
May 27 eprophet commented on Faith in Humanity Renewed Again!.
Gee Ida, everyone knows cell phones cause cancer, but wallets and checks do, too?
May 24 eprophet commented on The Harney County Incident.
That's fucking awesome.