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eprophet is thinking aloud.
6:02 PM yesterday eprophet commented on Family Values, My Ass!.
Yeah, that dysfunctional family totally values your ass.
Feb 21 eprophet commented on The Best of THE WORST Seminars at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).
Well, "signup," I guess made-up facts are better than "NO FACTS!" But can you clarify for me what differentiates "= FAKE NEWS" from "= Very Fake News"? Oh, and see that little squiggly line that appears under some words when you're typing? It means you spelled something wrong. Wait, are you gonna tell me that spellcheck is a libtard, snowflake, Soros-funded conspiracy, too?
Feb 16 eprophet commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Why Is My Gay Son Hooking Up With a Girl?.
Nineteen Seventy Eight is Enough
Feb 15 eprophet commented on Memo to Fellow Trump Supporters:.
All this stuff is happening because the whiny majority just won't give him a chance!
Feb 9 eprophet commented on Blatant Tattoo Disrespect and Discrimination.
So what could/should you have done? Spoken up, obviously...asked for the offender's manager to immediately come to the counter and have the episode documented in the offender's personnel file. It might even have been egregious enough to get her fired, but even if not, it might have taught her to keep her ignorant, fake-religious bullshit to herself.
Feb 1 eprophet commented on Unheard Voices.
You know what? My state and national legislative representatives are people I voted for, and who are doing pretty much exactly what I want them to. So I'm going to go ahead and keep screaming and I, Anonymousing all I God damn well want to!
Jan 18 eprophet commented on As Donald Trump Becomes President, Portland’s Streets Will Be Chaotic.
Goddamn, that's good stuff, rb!
Jan 11 eprophet commented on Savage Love.
I think BREEDER really meant to say, "I recently stopped reading your advice column due to its ACKNOLEDGEMENT, ACCEPTANCE, AND POSSIBLY EVEN APPROVAL OF homosexuality."
Jan 10 eprophet commented on Dear Most Ridiculous Public School District,.
You're also ignorant as fuck, homeworker single mom. Blame the schools for the weather? Thinking "bleaching" a classroom will stop lice?
Jan 10 eprophet commented on Babbling Buffoons.
You forgot the salutation: "Dear Dad Who Didn't Love Me Enough,"