Refugee from Virginia.

Jul 18 Sok commented on Move Over, Burnside 26! The New Apartment Building You'll Love to Hate is the YARD.
Masked views aside, it is a good example of handling the urban growth boundary by building up rather than out. Population growth + fixed surface area = thinking in three dimensions. (Or Soylent Green, one of the two.)
Jun 30 Sok commented on "A Kick in the Gut": Popular Queer Events Booted from Euphoria Nightclub.
"...they want to want to have a consistency of programming, and they don't want to confuse their customers."

You've got to have some mighty stupid customers if they can't read a flyer or event calendar. Or was the venue just terrible at promoting?
Jun 9 Sok commented on Portland Might Have Found a Site for Its Next Homeless Camp.
Cora/Trena - Looks like we need some confirmation about whether or not people were sent to the site under the city's "behest" or if it's merely "tacit city approval". Looks like it's the city's standard Plausible Deniability Tango: "We're not-not telling you to go there... we take no responsibility for the site, but here, have a dumpster and a potty...." etc. If on June 2nd you're signing a document about investigating the site because of prior concerns about "potential environmental and human health risks", but five weeks before you told people to head on over there, sounds like some culpability there. Is there any documentation of the communication between the city and Mr. Owens?

Guido: I don't think it's really clear what you're advocating. I know you've been a proponent of sleeping in large groups and apparently are against tents, which leads to 1) mass sleeping exposed to the elements, which seems uncomfortable (at a minimum), 2) a barracks-style shelter (or underpass or parking garage) which... well, sure, but that's back to the whole zoning/money/location quagmire or 3) a barrack-style rooming house, which is a (semi-) privatized version of item 2 with similar issues.
Jun 6 Sok commented on Poll: Should Portland Public Schools Enable Climate Change Deniers?.
Not sure if the concerns raised are valid, but if so... then yes, I think that pretending that there isn't a controversy about climate change (in "Social studies texts", for example) is foolish. It's a topic that involves huge political and economic forces and deserved recognition.

That doesn't mean presenting human-caused climate change as factually questionable -- still being studied and revised like pretty much every other area of scientific inquiry, sure, but not truly in doubt.

Presuming the school board's decision wouldn't affect texts related to Political Science or Modern History or whatnot, though, then yeah, it's a bogus complaint.
May 24 Sok commented on Now the LA Times Profiling Portland's New Homelessness Strategy.
Addendum: Now that I can read the article I'm not finding that quote ("But the challenged policies" etc.) in the article at all. Is that quote from a different article?
May 23 Sok commented on Now the LA Times Profiling Portland's New Homelessness Strategy.
Unfortunately I've "reached the limit of the number of articles I can read" or some such goofiness, so I don't have any context for this quote:

"But the challenged policies include one innovative effort that is being watched by other West Coast cities facing homelessness emergencies. And if it works, it might prove the lawsuit wrong and establish a model for other urban hubs."

Surely the lawsuit isn't addressing the *efficacy* of the effort but rather the *legality*?
May 20 Sok commented on White Supremacist Admits to Harassing Vietnamese Neighbors in Klamath Falls.
It's rare, but it's possible for the vans deferens to reconnect during the healing process, sometimes well after the procedure.

Given the source, though, I'm chalking it up to incoherence.
May 11 Sok commented on Mayor Charlie Hales' Business Tax Hike Appears Dead. Will A Construction Tax Take Its Place?.
The tax would be on commercial/industrial construction, not residential construction, so it's not (additional) taxes on housing construction. (Not saying it's good or bad, just noting.)
May 10 Sok commented on Trump Started a Fight with the New Mayor of London.
I asked my Mercury contact about this very thing and this is what she told me:

"That's funny, because we love to cover penny-ante BS stuff that's as newsworthy as "Dog Almost Bites Man but Sniffs Man's Crotch Instead", right? I mean, we just wrote up a thing about some obscure band's publicity stunt. YOINK? YARTS? Something. Anyhow. Trick is, we're in the age of click rates and page hits, and the more we blow off this non-news story the more we get some twit spamming our comments section. Seriously, why on earth would we even *have* a comments section? Profound insights? All about the page hits. We just hope someone gets concerned about our lack of reporting on wheels being round."

May 4 Sok commented on Meet the Next Wave of Portland Homeless Camps.
This sounds like a really, really good step in the right direction. It's not the end game but it's far more "compassionate" than tarps and pup tents. Now if we can just get some sort of monitoring/enforcement and the state to pony up some funds we might be able to get somewhere.