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Oct 14 Sok commented on Cash-Strapped PBOT Doesn’t Want Your Free Crosswalks.
Wouldn't that be an argument for removing all crosswalks, though? No pedestrian (or cyclist) should ever assume cars will stop for them.

I do get the point that there are some places which are safer to cross than others, yes. It just seems that you'd want to make the less-safe crossings more visible to drivers. (Or you'd want to retool the "every intersection is a crosswalk" idea into something more nuanced when you're dealing with marked vs. unmarked crosswalks.)
Oct 13 Sok commented on Cash-Strapped PBOT Doesn’t Want Your Free Crosswalks.
“Drivers do not always respect marked crosswalks,” says Steve Novick, the city’s transportation commissioner. “They can create a false sense of security and lead to more crashes.”

...but they respected unmarked intersections more..? We should therefore remove all marked crosswalks because they lead to more crashes? What the hell are you talking about, Mr. Novick?

Presuming a driver will stop for you is *always* risky, but this statement seems kinda nuts.

Speaking as someone who primarily drives, I definitely notice when there's a crosswalk present. I am watchful of anyone who looks like they're trying to cross, but having a marked area increases visibility. Signs help more, and a flashing light helps even more.

I can understand people getting irked about "adjusted" speed limit signs and cones in the roadway, but griping that someone's marking crosswalks given that "every intersection is a crosswalk" seems nonsensical.

Oct 6 Sok commented on City Hall Was Completely Locked Down Wednesday, After Drama Over a Police Union Contract.
So.... how did today's session go? Did the folks get their pizza? Did they stay overnight?
Oct 3 Sok commented on Bud Pierce's Wrongheaded Domestic Violence Comments Aren't Going Away That Easily.
KGW has a video that confirms the quote. The problem is that several news organizations (including the Oregonian) keep softening it to him saying "less likely", which is possibly correct (I haven't done the research). In context, though, either statement would be painfully crass.
Sep 30 Sok commented on Good News for the Clinton Campaign: Donald Trump is Tweeting Garbage Again.
... despite getting the nomination. (Yes, I know: clearly she stole it by selling uranium she stashed in Benghazi via the foundation.)

And even if any of that were true, she still 1) has a reasonable chance of winning and 2) is not Trump, so she's got my vote.
Sep 27 Sok commented on Gary Johnson Is a Moron (And If You Vote For Him, You Are Too).
Yeah, the line about "you need to run for other offices" is played out. The next step is winning those offices to raise your party's profile enough so that it will play in Peoria. That will require getting voter turnout to raise above 40% during midterms. (Oregon does a tad better, with a smidge over 50% voting during midterms, probably thanks to voting by mail.)
Sep 12 Sok commented on Deaths Of Homeless People Shot Way Up in Multnomah County Last Year.
Econoline, you're correct about the cleanup efforts. However, current evidence suggest that the number of deaths doesn't correlate to an increase in the homeless population ("encouraging so many homeless people to move here", as you say). The number of deaths increased at a much faster rate than the homeless population overall based on the available info.

There are some *big* caveats there, however. The population survey was taken in January 2015 while the death tally was through December 2015, so it's possible there's a population spike in 2015. (There's also a host of issues associated with the population count as noted in the article Dirk linked: difficulty in getting true counts, the seasonal nature of the homeless population outdoors, etc.)

So while there's evidence something else shifted to cause the increase in deaths we can't discount that it's a side-effect of a drastically increasing homeless population.
Sep 9 Sok commented on Deaths Of Homeless People Shot Way Up in Multnomah County Last Year.
Gotcha, thanks. I'm guessing the main change falls under substance abuse (Accidental deaths) and side-effects from substance abuse ("Natural" death). Would be interesting to see year-over-year for cause of death (particularly for women given that awful spike there).
Sep 9 Sok commented on Deaths Of Homeless People Shot Way Up in Multnomah County Last Year.
I skimmed the report but I'm not seeing a measure against the baseline population. In other words, is the rise in deaths proportional to a change in the overall homeless population in the county? The # of deaths has increased on average 16% per year -- did the homeless population increase at the same rate?