Feb 25 lithell commented on Neighborhood Nursery, Not So Neighborly.
Why is it a secret? Just say what the fucking place is. And maybe get a Nextdoor account instead.
Jan 31 lithell commented on Mass Extinctions Are No Big Deal.
If you actually bothered to read all the actual research on this instead of just finding some cause to be incensed about, you would know that the stats are: 1. Concerning FERAL cats who get their primary food source from hunting, not housed cats, or even indoor/outdoor domesticated cats. 2. Even still, extrapolated based on very small data sets. 3. Concerning ground nesting birds only. Get off yer high horse. You know what's way more dangerous to bird populations? Climate change and environmental destruction. Go whine about that.
Nov 20, 2016 lithell commented on Dear Portland.
The Doug was designed first and there's no association except Covington later using a flag with the same colours in his shitty white power fantasy novels.