Jun 3, 2016 NCaleb commented on An Oil Train is On Fire in the Columbia River Gorge. Opponents Have Long Warned That Would Happen.
The State of Oregon should place an emergency moratorium on the transport of crude oil and gas by rail pending a full safety review.
Apr 18, 2016 NCaleb commented on Sarah Iannarone's the Latest Mayoral Hopeful Calling For Immediate Rent Controls. Here's Where Candidates Stand on the Issue..
Dirk, it's not a question of overriding the statute, but whether there's limited freedom to act in the exception in section 5 of the statute.

Ordinance: ORS 91.225(5): Cities, counties and state agencies may impose temporary rent controls when a natural or man-made disaster that materially eliminates a significant portion of the rental housing supply occurs, but must remove the controls when the rental housing supply is restored to substantially normal levels.