Nov 22, 2016 bridger commented on March of Nope: Mayor Hales Cancels "Hope" March Because of Counter Protesters.
"Free Mateen"? Seriously? If the protest leaders disavowed people like Mateen who sully their protest methods and by proxy their cause, it would go a long way towards demonstrating they are indeed calling for peaceful (if disruptive) protest and bolster their entire cause with those of us who may not like the way things are but also don't want it replaced with chaos.
Oct 28, 2016 bridger commented on "White Privilege is the Reason the Bundys are Free.".
To be fair, cops did shoot and kill one of the Bundy Occupiers.

The unfortunate lesson to be learned here is that guns make the difference. Bring a gun to a protest, and you're more likely be treated with patience, of course, you're also more likely to be shot and killed by cops. Everything is a trade-off.
Jun 9, 2016 bridger commented on Portland Might Have Found a Site for Its Next Homeless Camp.
Is Mr Owens' illness due to a potentially carcinogenic soil exposure (causing bronchitis?) or the unknown number of cigarettes he enjoys?

All snark aside, that exchange between Ms Sutton and Ms Potter was one of the single greatest comment threads I've ever read, and I am dating myself back to the early 1990s Usenet. Real names. Real hate. Keep up the good work!

May 17, 2016 bridger commented on Portland Crime Stats: Homicides, Drug Crimes Down, Gang Violence Up.
Drug arrests are by and large dependent on street cops being proactive as they stop, search, find drugs, and arrest people. If cops aren't being proactive, which nationally we are pretty sure they are not, we should expect drug crimes to drop.
Mar 14, 2016 bridger commented on How College Students and Veterans of the Occupy Movement Shut Down Trump in Chicago.
Ida Knowles said: "Would Progressives ever actually act like such useful idiots? "

Seriously? This is why most of us who might agree with much of the Progressive platform will never identify as Progressive. You all think your shit doesn't stink just as much as the rest of us.
Mar 14, 2016 bridger commented on How College Students and Veterans of the Occupy Movement Shut Down Trump in Chicago.
If a Trump supporter called on fellow supporters to shut down a Sanders rally and said action subsequently turned violent, the same people applauding this maneuver would be screaming bloody murder about the fascist Trump squelching free speech. Trump is a douche canoe of monumental proportions, but resorting to an equally douchey political hooliganism to fight it just proves to those of us who generally dislike people screaming and fighting in the streets while they block ambulances from moving exactly why Trump has so much appeal.
Mar 1, 2016 bridger commented on Oh Look, There's an Ad in Yesterday's New York Times About What a Bad, Bad Man Dan Savage Is.
Nothing new here. When I was a teen in the pre-internet era I would always use my mom's Catholic Times movie review section to pick what I was going to watch that weekend: anything with an O (Morally Offensive) rating went straight to the top of the must-see list.