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Re: “The Sanest Arguments Against Fluoride...

A new addition to the discussion of the meta analysis written by Harvard Adjunct Professor (not very high up the tenure scheme) is a letter signed jointly by the Deans of the Harvard, Dental and Public Health schools.

They state:

"As Deans of Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the Harvard School of Public Health, we continue to support community water fluoridation as an effective and safe public health measure for people of all ages.

Numerous reputable studies over the years have consistently demonstrated that community water fluoridation is safe, effective, and practical. Fluoridation has made an enormous impact on improving the oral health of the American people.

Our country is fortunate to have over 204 million Americans living in fluoridated communities and having access to the health and economic benefits of this vital public health measure."

One's attention is drawn to the letterhead and Harvard's Latin motto: Veritas - Truth

This surely underscores the correctness of the Mercury's view of the IQ matter.

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Posted by Billy Budd on 05/01/2013 at 9:54 PM

Re: “Mailbox Monday! "Fluoridation is Public Health Quackery"

Well that added a new one to the fluorophobic list of ailments. . fluoride induced macular degeneration. Sure why not . .drank fluoridated water, got macular degeneration, start a campaign to get that poison out of the water.

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Posted by Billy Budd on 02/26/2013 at 11:27 PM

Re: “Portland's Latest Water War

Mr. North.

The Rocha-Amador study did not include a low fluoride group.

Quoting from the paper abstract re the three locales studied:

"Three rural communities in Mexico with contrasting levels of F and As in drinking water were studied: Moctezuma (F 0.8+/-1.4 mg/L; As 5.8+/-1.3 microg/L); Salitral (F 5.3+/-0.9 mg/L; As 169+/-0.9 microg/L) and 5 de Febrero (F 9.4+/-0.9 mg/L; As 194+/-1.3 microg/L). "

So as was very common in all these papers the "reference" to which the IQ's were compared was the same as the optimized fluoridation level in the USA.

This Mexico study then is totally consistent with Qin in that the better IQ was associated with 0.8-1.4 ppm. As you well know the proposed target for PDX is 0.7 ppm.

To repeat the reality of the meta-analysis is that the individual studies were of poor quality, the difference found between the "reference" and high, often very high fluoride exposures was less than one IQ point.

The enormous exaggeration which those who oppose fluoridation attach to the Harvard is just beginning to come to the attention of the larger epidemiologic and public health community.

We will follow the judgement of other scientists with interest.

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Posted by Billy Budd on 08/27/2012 at 10:27 PM

Re: “Portland's Latest Water War

Mr. North . .

You didn't comment on the Qin study which showed the best IQ at optimized fluoride levels.

It was the only Chinese study to compare high, low & optimal fluoride levels. IQ was lower at both high & low fluoride drinking water

This finding is very analogous to that for bone fractures.

Hardy Limeback, the famous Toronto anti-fluoridationist, co-authored a paper which found that fluoridated water taken over 35 years does not affect either the mechanical properties or the architecture of the bone. They observed that for epidemiological studies of fractures "the results are generally inconclusive, with the exception of a study which found increased rates of fracture only for very low or very high exposure (Li et al., 2001).

Many of the Chinese studies included in the Harvard metanalysis evaluated fluoride exposures which are simply not allowed in the USA because water quality standards as well as laws prohibiting industrial air & water pollution. Readers should be reminded that the meta-analysis found LESS THAN HALF AN IQ difference between "exposed & reference" populations. That the reference populations included water fluoride considered optimal in the USA.

Because the difference in IQ is so small, much smaller than the variation in scores for a single person tested repeatedly, these results, like the fracture studies, are at the edge of what epidemiological science can discern.

The Qin's study finding the BEST IQ at water fluoridation fluoride is more likely to be valid that the larger group which found only 0.45 IQ difference.

Quoting the Harvard paper: "each of the articles reviewed had deficiencies, in some cases rather serious, which limit the conclusions that can be drawn." These studies certainly are no reason to change America's fluoridation policy.

2/3rds of the operations for terrible cavities in kids are avoided with community water fluoridation (CWF). In that Louisiana study 50% of the dental bills for the kids studied were avoided. If this were the only benefit 150% CWF returns in lower dental bills

Under anesthesia procedures include extractions root canals & stainless steel crowns & cost up to $15,000 & happen more often in Portland without CWF. Data presented to the Ore Legislature showed 75% prevention of these operations in The Dalles, fluoridated since 1956

Economic modeling of all the alternative public health intervention for this problem shows CWF far & away the most effective & cheapest.

Common oral health problems are significantly improved. No practical alternatives exist. The judgement of expert public health opinion is overwhelmingly supportive.

Fluoridation is just the right thing to do .

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Posted by Billy Budd on 08/25/2012 at 11:09 PM

Re: “Portland's Latest Water War

The meta analysis at the fore of the discussion about IQ was falsely promulgated as a news story on Reuters.

Evaluations of both the scientific and political aspects of this issue are available at the following sites:……………

Additionally, the only Chinese study to compare high, low & optimal fluoride levels found the BEST IQ associated with the optimal level. IQ was lower at both high & low fluoride drinking water

"By testing of the intellectual ability of 447 elementary school students ranging in age from 9 to 10 1/2, it was discovered that both high & low fluoride had an effect on child intelligence. Fluoride levels greater than 2.0 mg/L or less than 0.2 mg/L can disrupt intellectual development."

Qin LS et al The influence of drinking water fluoride on pupils IQ. Chinese J Control of Endemic Diseases 5:203-204,1990

The European Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (2011): SCHER agrees that there is not enough evidence to conclude that fluoride in drinking water at concentrations permitted in the EU may impair the IQ of children. SCHER also agrees that a biological plausibility for the link between fluoridated water and IQ has not been established.

More systematic reviews of the IQ concern can easily be given: Australian Government, the US National Review Council, the Bazian Independent Review of the NRC report and others.

No mainstream medical, dental or public health entities have called for and end of fluoridation because of these egregiously poor quality overseas studies.

CWF is safe, effective and inexpensive. The science which justifies this position is the reason organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics endorse CWF. Clearly their only goal is better health for children.

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Posted by Billy Budd on 08/23/2012 at 10:25 PM

Re: “Looks Like We'll Be Getting Fluoride in Our Water; Fish and Novick Both Like It

Oppose fluoridation: EPA Headquarters Union Scientists

Endorse fluoridation:

Acad Dentistry InterNatl
Acad General Dentistry
Acad for Sports Dentistry
Alzheimer’s Assoc
America’s Health Insurance Plans
Am Acad Family Physicians
Am Acad Nurse Practitioners
Am Acad Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
Am Acad Orthopaedic Surgeons
Am Acad Pediatrics
Am Acad Pediatric Dentistry
Am Acad Periodontology
Am Acad Physician Assistants
Am Assoc for Community Dental Programs
Am Assoc for Dental Research
Am Assoc for Health Education
Am Assoc for the Advancement Science
Am Assoc Endodontists
Am Assoc Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Am Assoc Orthodontists
Am Assoc Public Health Dentistry
Am Assoc Women Dentists
Am Cancer Society
Am College Dentists
Am College Physicians / Am Society Internal Medicine
Am College Preventive Medicine
Am College Prosthodontists
Am Council on Science and Health
Am Dental Assistants Assoc
Am Dental Assoc
Am Dental Education Assoc
Am Dental Hygienists’ Assoc
Am Dietetic Assoc
Am Federation Labor and Congress
of Industrial Orgs
Am Hospital Assoc
Am Legislative Exchange Council
Am Medical Assoc
Am Nurses Assoc
Am Osteopathic Assoc
Am Pharmacists Assoc
Am Public Health Assoc
Am School Health Assoc
Am Society for Clinical Nutrition
Am Society for Nutritional Sciences
Am Student Dental Assoc
Am Water Works Assoc
Assoc for Academic Health Centers
Assoc Am Medical Colleges
Assoc Clinicians for the Underserved
Assoc Maternal & Child Health Programs
Assoc State & Territorial Dental Directors
Assoc State & Territorial Health Officials
Assoc State & Territorial Public Health
Nutrition Directors
British Fluoridation Society
Canadian Dental Assoc
Canadian Dental Hygienists Assoc
Canadian Medical Assoc
Canadian Nurses Assoc
Canadian Paediatric Society
Canadian Public Health Assoc
Child Welfare League America
Children’s Dental Health Project
Chocolate Manufacturers Assoc
Consumer Federation America
Council State & Territorial Epidemiologists
Delta Dental Plans Assoc
FDI World Dental Federation
Federation Am Hospitals
Hispanic Dental Assoc
Indian Dental Assoc (USA.)
Institute Medicine
InterNatl Assoc for Dental Research
InterNatl Assoc for Orthodontics
InterNatl College Dentists
March Dimes Birth Defects Found
Natl Assoc Community Health Centers
Natl Assoc County & City Health Officials
Natl Assoc Dental Assistants
Natl Assoc Local Boards Health
Natl Assoc Social Workers
Natl Confectioners Assoc
Natl Council Against Health Fraud
Natl Dental Assistants Assoc
Natl Dental Assoc
Natl Dental Hygienists’ Assoc
Natl Down Syndrome Congress
Natl Down Syndrome Society
Natl Found Dentistry for the Handicapped
Natl Head Start Assoc
Natl Health Law Program
Natl Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition
Oral Health America
Robert Wood Johnson Found
Society for Public Health Education
Society Am Indian Dentists
Special Care Dentistry
Acad Dentistry for Persons with Disabilities
Am Assoc Hospital Dentists
Am Society for Geriatric Dentistry
The Children’s Health Fund
The Dental Health Found (of California)
US Department Defense
US Department Veterans Affairs
US Public Health Service
Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA)
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
Natl Institute Dental & Craniofacial Research (NIDCR)
World Federation Orthodontists
World Health Org

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Posted by Billy Budd on 08/20/2012 at 1:31 AM

Re: “Looks Like We'll Be Getting Fluoride in Our Water; Fish and Novick Both Like It

The most compelling data of community water fluoridation's effectiveness is the huge Louisiana study which found 2/3rds of the operations for terrible cavities in kids are avoided with community water fluoridation (CWF).

see: Water Fluoridation & Costs of Medicaid Treatment for Dental Decay. MMWR. CDC 09/03/1999

In the Louisiana study 50% of the dental bills for the kids studied were avoided. A subsequent Colorado study found that the beneficial effect on these young kids mouths alone returns 150% in lower dental bills.

see: Prev Chronic Dis. 2012 Mar;9: A simulation model for designing effective interventions in early childhood caries. Hirsch GB, et al

Done under anesthesia procedures include extractions root canals & stainless steel crowns & cost up to $15,000. These happen more often in Portland without CWF. Data presented to the Oregon Legislature in 2005 showed about 75% prevention of these operations in The Dalles, fluoridated since 1956

Portlanders should read the long list of prestigious organizations representing thousands of medical, dental & public experts & many health advocacy organizations like the Pew Charitable Trust whose only goal is to better the common good. It is quite obvious from both that list and the list of regional health advocates that physicians, dentists and public health workers are foursquare behind CWF.

Those who oppose CWF harm the community's oral health, especially the kids. Avoiding fluoridation keeps Oregon at the bottom for both oral health and fluoridation. Is is arguing for increased pain suffering & life-long disadvantages.

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Posted by Billy Budd on 08/20/2012 at 1:29 AM

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