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Dec 23, 2016 Teresa Roberts commented on Activist Jessie Sponberg Wrote a Christmas Poem About Charlie Hales. It's...Not Very Festive..
Go Jessie! You'll always be the Mayor of Little Beirut, no matter who is the mayor of PDX.
We can only hope Ted Wheeler will be competent, even if he is just another rich white guy divorced for the reality of our citzenry. When will City Council learn to ride the bus so they can see what life is like for the workers? You can learn a lot more about diversity on the bus than you can on a boondoggle at some swanky golf course guys.
Also, can someone get Fritz off the fritz? Sad how she sold out. Maybe having Chloe on council will remind Fritz about ethics and real democracy. Zero hope for Saltzman & Fish. Do NOT understand why they keep getting re-elected. Shady shady shady.
At any rate, we will always remember Hales as a historical disaster and everyone on his council who was re-elected share in his guilt. We will never forgive you for that latest police contract that gave them permission to remain brutes and to bring on brute friends with zero background check so police departments can continue to shuffle around dangerous bigots the way the Catholic Church shuffled around pedophile priests. Way to sell out Fritz.
But hey, oppressing and robbing the poor has been grand sport for awhile. How nice that Hales, Saltzman, Fish & others got to pad their portfolios in the process. Hope the ghost of Xmas Past drops by to stomp their self-centered sociopathic arses this holiday and that their homes are visited by anarchist carolers.
Still, to give credit where it's due, Hales HAS managed to make Katz & Adams look good. What an accomplishment!
Dec 1, 2016 Teresa Roberts commented on Portland's Paying $90K to a Teen Police Beat, Arrested in 2014.
So did PPB also release the teen's home address & phone number?
Nothing they do shocks me anymore. Sigh.
So many lawsuits, so little budget...
You know, there are other understaffed departments that don't cost us big settlements or charge enormous O.T. monitoring non-violent activists... cuz real criminals might cause them to fear for the their lives... and we can't have that!!!
I'm ready for Hales' next Chief De Jour. This one ain't working out any better than his predecessors.
Dec 1, 2016 Teresa Roberts commented on After Video of Rough Arrest During a Trump Protest, Portland's Independent Police Review to Investigate.
Outrageous that PPB has released arrest records that include phone #'s and addresses, adding to the pain and suffering the taxpayers are about to compensate activists for... in a case where all charges were dropped or reduced to traffic court (in a common ploy the City uses to deny victims court-appointed lawyers).
Hales is the most incompetent mayor PDX has seen and the police have gotten more and more criminal under his regime. Don't forget the O'Dea lies & cover-up reached all the way up to the Mayor. Maybe Hales will manage to go through FOUR police chiefs before Wheeler takes over. Talk about an easy act to follow!!! But can Wheeler reign in the PPB? Will the PBA let him?
Judge Simon's head must spinning on his shoulders. Let another lengthy tedious DOJ investigation begin!
What is a citizen to do?
Nov 24, 2016 Teresa Roberts commented on A Controversial Portland Cop Improperly Spied on Her Former Stepdaughter.
Wow. We should all join the PPB so we can break the law too!
Please sign my petition to attract a higher quality of folks to our police force... unlike Hales' recent police contract that allows existing cops to get a bonus if they refer a friend -- and that friend's background check is WAIVED.
Oct 26, 2016 Teresa Roberts commented on Hall Monitor: The Mayor’s Private Rap Session.
As an employee, would you really invest in what some lame-ass, er, lame-duck, incompetent mayor was spinning to you in an obvious attempt at damage control, lest he get outed by underlings? Shades of O'Dea. Doubt his 3rd chief is long for the job either after the human rights atrocities of Oct 12. I witnessed the street action portion of the police riot on my way home from jury duty and there were dozens of wounded lying on both sidewalks and in the street being denied aid. Cops were pepper-spraying unarmed citizens at point-blank range and broke an elderly gentleman's arm. Not much of a testament to "restraint" is it? You can sell it to the uninformed motorists who just want to drive without interruption, but it's a hard sell to a judge. (I had to file witness testimony with IPR & DOJ ...so far.... with photographs I took of the wounded going untended...) Lawsuits and investigations are flying at Hales from every direction. This mayor has been a disaster of historical proportion... and that's just as Police Commissioner (like the KKKruger settlement he signed without reading)! Don't get me started about his diversity boondoggles and the already cracked & radon-ridden underground reservoirs.