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Jarhead Whats it to ya?
Nov 30 Jarhead commented on Donald Trump Chump.
You want to lecture me on Muslims?

I spent the night of 9-10 March, 1978, on the roof of the American Ambassador's residence in Herzilya Pituach, Israel, during the "Coastal Road Massacre". We spent the night expecting to get over-run by numerically superior force of PLO/Fatah.

They had already incinerated 38 Israeli civilian men, women, and children by tying them to their seats in two hijacked buses and blowing off a bunch of grenades (inside the buses) when they hit an IDF roadblock on the Haifa Highway. This was about 4 blocks from The Marine House where I lived.

We actually heard the firefight and radio'd the Embassy to find out what was goiing on. We then secured the Ambassadors residence as best we could with 8 Marines; The IDF radio'd us that we were their (presumed) secondary target, but they couldn't spare anyone to assist in the security of the residence, due to their ongoing search efforts in the area. I spent the entire night thinking it was my last on earth.

So tell me some more about those poor, picked-on Muslims.

And tell me what skin you've had in the game, bitch.
Nov 30 Jarhead commented on White Male ManVerbing Around Town.
Bitter jealousy and false claims of entitlement prove nothing, Flavio.

You're shooting "Maggie's Drawers."
Nov 30 Jarhead commented on Donald Trump Chump.
Hey Flavio, lighten up, it's turning out to be a great week.

Donald Trump is a 7 days closer to the Presidency and that shitbird Mateen Shaheed just got denied bail - *AGAIN.*

Just makes you want to sing the National Anthem.
Nov 30 Jarhead commented on Donald Trump Chump.
Please Google: "Responding in kind".

Then have a wonderful day, Tinkerbell.

Nov 30 Jarhead commented on White Male ManVerbing Around Town.
You have the original sin of being issued a penis. No getting around that with the Alt Left.
Nov 30 Jarhead commented on Donald Trump Chump.
Name calling and unfounded/untrue allegations. Yep, that's the respect for the individual, inclusivity, and loving attitude you can expect from the Alt Left. You can cry all you want Doug, it won't change the fact your side lost.

I'll send The Merc a new box of panty shields for you. Pick them up at your leisure.

Nov 30 Jarhead commented on Donald Trump Chump.
And what of the countless incidents of Trump supporters being assaulted, having their vehicles burned, and their homes vandalized? What of the people threatened and their (occupied) vehicles vandalized during the riots here in PDX?

If you want respect, show respect.
Nov 30 Jarhead commented on Good Morning, News: Dead Conifers, More Trump Picks, and the Upside of Gas Leaks.
Dirk, you don't find it even mildly newsworthy that the suspect in the OSU incident was a Somali Muslim immigrant, and that this was the 8th such terror incident committed on U.S. soil by a Muslim immigrant (or son of) in the last 18 months?

PDX Mercury - "All the news that fits in our narrative."
Nov 30 Jarhead commented on A Controversial Portland Cop Improperly Spied on Her Former Stepdaughter.
You bet, I want my police chosen by some dipshit front organization funded by George Soros, a billionaire that assisted with the Nazi deportation of Jews in WWII.

Nice set of values you have there, Teresa.