Jan 21 Dwight commented on As Donald Trump Becomes President, Portland’s Streets Will Be Chaotic.
I've watched Gregory McKelvey from the sidelines for a while, and I think he is a joke for a few reasons. #1 He takes the same one-sided, call it bigoted for lack of a better word, attitude that he supposedly protests against. I guarantee he has never met or spoke with a Trump supporter other than internet rants or yelling at each other on the street. I'm sure he has no idea why people support Trump so to say he identifies with vandals more than Trump supporters is just ignorant. I'm no Trump supporter, but Hilary lost the election because they didn't know how to talk to people outside the bubble and this guy takes it to the extreme by vilifying people outside his bubble. Doing so makes any message pointless because you are essentially preaching to the choir. Being an activist is to get a message out and help or make people understand or empathize with your cause. But if you outright alienate anyone that isn't in your cause then they will never even listen to your message in the first place; so what is the point of voicing the message if you are only out there to speak to your own people? Just saying Fuck Trump achieves nothing. #2 The fact that he essentially condones the provocateurs by saying that breaking things "it’s the only way they feel they have a voice in our political system" is complete bullshit and shows that he is a fool that obviously doesn't communicate with or understand the "anarchists" either. They would just a much smash his windows as they would a bankers'. They don't give a fuck about his political agenda, beliefs, protest, or anything else. They are there to fuck shit up and just saying you don't condone the vandalism doesn't cut it. When you hold evening, unpermited protests with no agenda that roll into the late night and take no action with your people to stop the vandals then you are enabling them. Notice there was no vandalism at the women's march today because it was mid-day and the women wouldn't have put up with that shit had they tried. It's easier to piggyback with this idiot's protest that then goes on to say 'they're disenfranchised.' I guarantee those kids that bust stuff up are back home laughing their asses off at videos of themselves and not giving a shit about Greg McKelvey, whether he condones their actions, what his stance is or anything else. They would have done the same had it been protests about Hilary or Bernie or whatever the protest as long as idiots like these groups give them cover. Additionally, if you're going to put out press statements about the cops overreach, give yourself some credibility by at least mentioning that there was some confrontations and you don't condone it or it wasn't part of your group, etc. versus completely ignoring the fact that bottles and rocks were thrown and there there was some vandalism.

This is not to say they shouldn't be out protesting, but being laisse faire about the whole thing and giving so called 'anarchists' a forum be run wild just make the entire group look like a bunch of asses and ruins the entire message - whatever that may be.

#3 While I think he really believes in the message, I question his personal agenda. It seems Gregory likes to have a bunch of people following him around more than he is likes pushing an agenda of social change. I watched him start the march off down Yamhill and saw not someone leading his group, but a guy with his chest out looking like he was non-verbally saying "I'm going this way and everyones going to follow." Getting off on the power. Sad that so many political groups wind up that way regardless of the political view.
Jul 21, 2016 Dwight commented on The "Homeless".
If these comments let you attach photos I would show you a whole container full of them. Maybe your walks through Ladd's Addition don't take you by the darker side of life.
Jul 20, 2016 Dwight commented on A New Game!.
Moving on from whatever the fuck you idiots are blabbing about, I fucking love this idea. I'm going to schedule viewing appointments, then forget about them...