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Aug 24, 2016 torkfool commented on Portland’s Speed Limits Ignore Cyclists and Pedestrians.
A vast number of accidents could also be prevented by improving corner visibility. Anyone who has lived in a larger city is immediately struck by the fact nearly all Portland intersection corners are obscured up to their very tip by parked cars, commercial signage, foliage, or all three. Most cities zone these obstructions away, clearing AT LEAST 30 feet at corners of parking, plantings, signage, etc.

Reducing speeds is a good idea, but even 30mph can be perfectly adequate to kill a cyclist or pedestrian, and is much more likely to do so if no one can see anything. This measure would be even harder to enact than reducing the speed limits, but it is a certainty the accident rate would see a steep and immediate decline, and it's foolish to assume none of the prevented accidents would be fatal.

If the city is serious about a zero-fatality policy, they need to start thinking about how they're going to sell Portland on corner clearance.
May 17, 2016 torkfool commented on The Atlantic's Written a Tough Article on Portland's Housing Crisis.
As I have said here before, hating Californians because your rent is too high is about ten IQ points stupider than hating Mexicans because your job doesn't pay enough. I'm certainly glad to be vindicated by The Atlantic, though I would have thought this information too obvious to need seconding.

Your package of renters' rights—or rather complete lack thereof—is, and was always, a recipe for an unstable rental market. That bomb has been sitting there ticking for a long time.

And here's San Francisco:


DEVELOPER: Hey, I think I'll build some


As disastrous as this model has proved, Portland seems bent on imitating it. If you want a Portland that somewhat resembles the Portland you love, density is what you need, and some new apartment buildings are what it looks like. If you want an ultra-precious, cutesy-poo mini-Frisco that virtually no one can afford, surrounded by a dismal Orange County of sprawl, keep it up with the NIMBYism.

Seeing this stupid nativism from Republican hicks in Georgia is par for the course. Seeing it from progressives in Portland who've done such a superb job of urban planning so far is depressing on a personal level, and also depressing because it is pretty much guaranteed to make the problem worse.