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10:57 AM Euphonius commented on AMF Pro 300 Fights Back Against News of Closure.
There's a factual dispute over whether the current zoning allows a Target. One side's right and the other's wrong. Why doesn't The Mercury just tell us the answer?
Mar 23 Euphonius commented on After Outbursts and Insults, Nick Fish Won't Let his Employees Attend City Council Meetings.
The irony is that Judge Simon, who created this mess, would never tolerate these disruptions in his own courtroom.
Mar 21 Euphonius commented on Portland's Exclusion Law Might Get an Early, Unlikely Challenge.
Joe Walsh isn't a civil libertarian --he's just an asshole.
Mar 14 Euphonius commented on Much Too Much: The Who’s Lean ’n’ Mean My Generation Goes Deluxe.
Who fans on a budget can get almost all of LP#2 on the 80's comps "Who's Missing" and "Two's Missing," both of which can be got for 3 or 4 bucks at Crossroads or Mississippi.

For the original LP, in mono, the Virgin reissue is pretty easily available and widely considered to be better mastered than the Brunswick original pressings costing jillions.
Feb 24 Euphonius commented on Two City Documents Dictate Opposing Fates for Right 2 Dream Too.
The issue isn't so much whether R2DToo should sue, it's whether the City Council will hold the PDC accountable for signing an agreement that violates their ordinance.

PDC has been a rogue agency for so long that our Council has forgotten who's in charge.
Feb 17 Euphonius commented on Mayor Ted Wheeler Has Shot Down the Latest Plan to Move Right 2 Dream Too—And Won't Try To Find It a New Home.
Many voters thought Ted Wheeler was a progressive. They were suckered.
Feb 10 Euphonius commented on Sheriff Mike Reese Watched Trump Bluster About Immigration Wednesday (and Taxpayers Helped).
Does the Sheriff have a position on Trump's offer to "destroy" legislators who try to reform civil forfeiture laws?
Feb 10 Euphonius commented on Rumor Time: Portland Might Get an NHL Team.
It'd be great if Portland got an NHL team --but if they start demanding public money, then fuck the hell no.
Feb 6 Euphonius commented on Portland Landlords Just Sued to Kill New Renter Protections.
Nice try, but this is nothing like anything coming from Donald Trump.

John DiLorenzo and the landlord lobby haven't been interested in negotiating anything --they've simply stonewalled any and all protections for the renters who have been suffering. Those people have waited too long for relief as it is, and finally the City is acting to help them.

It's also false to suggest that the city's ordinance is "tied up in court." Anybody can file a lawsuit. DiLorenzo's claims are meritless and his case will be quickly dismissed.

The people in this city who have been bearing the brunt of the landlords' greed are glad that our Council wasn't intimidated by his empty legal threats.
Feb 6 Euphonius commented on No-Cause Evicted? Landlords Now Have to Pay Your Relocation Costs.
Has anyone actually fact-checked FlavioSuave's story about Chloe Eudaly's propensity to just make shit up? That seems remarkably contrived. I wouldn't put it past him.