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omg yuppies

Nov 3 Chunty McHutchence commented on The Threats Have Had the Desired Effect.
Please think of the children! It worked so well for the Arts Tax, you know. No problems there. Certainly no total vacuum of accountability and waste happening over there at the RACC. Oh, no, that would be impossible.
Nov 3 Chunty McHutchence commented on I, Anonymous.
Actually, that was hobo poop. And don't worry about the Honda, it was owned by Californians who are, in fact, the ones responsible for your $6,000 property tax bill.
Aug 13 Chunty McHutchence commented on Sausage Party: A Reminder That Fine Cinema Is a Powerful and Subtle Art Form.
"..casual misogyny, an abundance of racism, and are okay with only a couple of good laughs in a 90-minute movie, then by all means hang around."

Oddly enough, this line also works for the new Ghostbusters movie
Jun 9 Chunty McHutchence commented on Portland Might Have Found a Site for Its Next Homeless Camp.
Squatting is abuse of public lands and Trena is actively hurting the communities that have put years of hard work into Lents and beyond.

Jun 9 Chunty McHutchence commented on Portland Might Have Found a Site for Its Next Homeless Camp.
Charlie Hales: Please resign. Stop giving away public resources to squatters who want nothing more than a "safe place" to use drugs and commit sexual assault. Portland is a homeless magnet and the more we tolerate it, the more we all suffer.

Dirk: shame on you for trying to legitimatize abuse of the public's interest. This isn't a solution, it's an attempt to expand the problem. Seriously, try writing something that's not blatantly regurgitated from the mouths of homeless "advocates" aka ex-Occupy Portland agitators whose only interest is "sticking it to the man". They don't really care about helping people get off the streets, they just want to push a hard-line anti-capitalist political agenda. This paper has become a joke.
May 28 Chunty McHutchence commented on Wasn't Somebody Supposed to Stop Trump by Now?.
Oh you poor, poor Bernie Bros.
May 28 Chunty McHutchence commented on Everything As Fuck.
Just like every Washington Redskins game is an hours-long endorsement of racism and genocide, every PSU Vikings game is a love letter to imperialism and rape culture.
May 27 Chunty McHutchence commented on Josh Alpert, Charlie Hales' Chief of Staff, Is Leaving City Hall.
So he'll be personally cleaning up each of the poopy, needle-strewn burning garbage heaps that his non-policies created before he slithers off to his lucrative private sector gig, right? Right?
May 27 Chunty McHutchence commented on Housing Activists Showed Up At a Landlords' Gala. Here's What Went Down.
Sad that the Merc wants to see everything devolve into a shrill Black Lives Matter vs. Trump Rally garbage fest of unchecked emotions and irrational college kiddie idealism.

The people who work for property management companies didn't create the housing shortage. The people who moved here from god-knows-where to scream and wave signs did. Time for a reality check, Dirk.
May 20 Chunty McHutchence commented on Restaurant and Developer Groups Are Piling Onto A Camping Lawsuit Against the City.
"a policy that many homeless advocates say is the most rational stance the city's taken in years"…