How are you Beirutians!

Jul 18 A-minus commented on Move Over, Burnside 26! The New Apartment Building You'll Love to Hate is the YARD.
Developmentally stunted yippies will also love the freedom from choice and privacy living in The YARD offers! Its specially designed Panopticon viewing suites guarantee developers can watch you at all hours of the day. Walking down to the craft beer bar? The YARD approves. Going on a bike ride? The YARD expects you back at 2300 hours. Posting a provocative thought on Twitsnap? The YARD would like to have a friendly chat with you in the laundry room!
Jul 3 A-minus commented on One Day at a Time.
I know snark is your thing, and it's fun and easy for the whole family. I invite you to do a little more digging and find out *why* Bernie is staying in. He has stated it himself, if listening/reading comprehension is your thing. Even if his chances are very slim, he is carrying 1900 delegates into the convention, and he is staying in so his delegates can shape the Democratic platform - which if you're keeping score, they've already begun to do in the drafting committee. And these people aren't getting all expenses paid by Super PAC's, like Clinton's delegates are. Help them out at - the convention is *expensive*.

Finally, across the nation, Bernie's endorsements are winning elections left and right, while over 11,000 people answered his call to run for office or support others who are (!). Whatever happens in this farce of an election is practically immaterial at this point. The number of young people who voted for Bernie was greater than for Clinton and Trump combined, and there was a very healthy share of older voters as well. Keep making fun if you like, but the future is ours.
Jun 17 A-minus commented on Good Morning, News: Portland's Latest Tax, Meat Loaf Problems, and (More) Super Worrying News About Oil Trains.
How many people does it take to run a filibuster, anyhow? Is it 41?

It's good to know we can always count on you to recycle snarky backhanded smears against Bernie Sanders, Mercury. Maybe you can just fire your staff and retweet articles from CNN?

Keep on propping up a candidate who has taken record-setting donations from arms dealers, and put down the only candidate who was brave enough to call for an immediate ban on assault weapons, while, um, the other two were feuding like tweens on social media.
Jun 13 A-minus commented on Watch President Obama Explain How Hard It Is to Keep Guns Away from Suspected Terrorists in America.
This is certainly a huge part of the problem. I just hope the media doesn't focus so much on the terrorism aspect as the fact that it was a hate crime, first and foremost. Someone said it well here:

"'Terrorism' is a magic word we use to divorce something. If we say 'a homophobe with an assault rifle', we have to admit some things."
Jun 9 A-minus commented on One Day at a Time.
I'm not sure it's quite there yet... more like lovable but thoroughly misguided and ill-informed uncle stage.
Jun 9 A-minus commented on What the Sanders Campaign Could Learn from the Clinton Campaign in '08.
I enjoyed your piece, even if I don't agree with many of its premises. However, Sanders is not going to bow out and neither are we. There is too much at stake here, and if you want to get into the details, the votes are not in fact all in. The parallels you make between the 2008 campaign and now aren't accurate, either. There were paper-thin differences between Clinton and Obama; that is very obviously not the case with Bernie Sanders. See Rolling Stone piece here, "This isn't 2008" and "Sanders' fight..." sections:…

I certainly want a female to become president; I just strongly do not want Hillary Clinton to become president because of who she is, not because of her gender. I and most other Sanders supporters urged Elizabeth Warren to run; she refused to. It is an important milestone, but by no means a good reason to let somebody become president. Not being a woman myself, I will let someone who is say it better than I can:…
Jun 8 A-minus commented on One Day at a Time.
Hi, Ann Romano and the Portland Mercury. We've kind of had it with your frequent use of the term Bernie Bro, even in jest. You talk about actors whitewashing non-white roles - good for you. You cover matters related to race, institutional racism and racial inequity constantly - keep it up! However, I think you should examine your makeup - a mostly if not all-white staff - and the fact that you are whitewashing and marginalizing an extremely diverse group of Bernie supporters by recycling a campaign-invented slur. We are young, old, female, male, transgender and every race you can name. Look at photos of our rallies across the nation - look hard for aggressive, sexist white dudes. Check out Arabs for Bernie, Women for Bernie, Latinos for Bernie, Natives for Bernie. Now. I am a white male. Bernie bro, right? My partner is Mexican, was for most of her life undocumented, her childhood fucked up by the Clintons and NAFTA. Also a Bernie bro. I hope you get the picture. We are every demographic you can name, and if you still want to stereotype us, you can say we're all crazy for a 74 year-old man from Brooklyn that is fighting for us, not for personal gain.
May 18 A-minus commented on Is Portland Berning?.
A good article, but seriously, do yourself a favor and look into what happened at the Nevada Convention before recycling the death threat garbage. No chairs were thrown - one upset man picked one up, before a couple people calmed him down and gave him a hug (*gasp*). There is video of this. There is also no evidence that the alleged "death threats" were actually sent by any Sanders supporters. There is, however, a pro-Clinton PAC called Correct the Record which has been constantly trolling, threatening and harassing Sanders supporters, and based on their recent behavior, there is a high likelihood they fabricated those threats.

Shots were fired into the Nevada Bernie office. A pro-Clinton celebrity, Wendell Pierce of "The Wire," just assaulted a female Sanders supporter. There have been no Sanders supporter assaults on anybody. There has been hardly a peep over any of this, but who does that surprise?

Do yourself another favor and learn what actually happened at the convention, how the Chair twisted rules around to exclude delegates and give Clinton a lead. Watch the video footage. You will understand why everybody, including Clinton supporters, got so mad:…
May 2 A-minus commented on The Mercury Endorses: Bernie Sanders for President.
While I really applaud your choice of Bernie Sanders, you could have done without recycling tired Bernie tropes. I write this not for your benefit, since you've said you don't care, but because a lot of people read your terrific weekly and may inadvertently form opinions without checking facts. It's *not* anyone's guess how Bernie Sanders would do against a Republican candidate - poll after poll consistently shows him from 12-20% ahead of Trump, whereas Clinton has much narrower margins. That gap has grown to a gulf.

Calling his record on gun control a "refusal to attempt to curtail America's gun violence" is a minor demerit on the Mercury - that sort of distortion belongs on the Clinton News Network. Senator Sanders has helped pass bans on assault weapons, pushed for background checks, pushed against the "gun show loop hole" and more. More often than not, the times he voted "Nay" on gun control laws were because he disagreed on some detail while pushing for a different version. While his background on guns is inconsistent, and I hate guns and gun violence, I would take that any day over accepting donations to my foundation in return for approving massive arms deals.

As far as Bernie Bros, give it a rest. Those of us who have the sense to support Sanders are a very diverse group (see #BernieMadeMeWhite - see Matt Bors' "Idiot Box" - see photos of rallies across the nation), across the spectrum in any demographic you can name, and we're not belligerent. Granted, there are bad apples in *any* online barrel, but our troll factor is not nearly as high as Trump's (a given) or Clinton's (who quite literally has paid trolls [#CorrectTheRecord]). That is my piece. Thank you for your endorsement!