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Apr 10 rich bachelor commented on No Alarms and a Few Surprises at Radiohead's Portland Show (Sun April 9, Moda Center).
Christ, that was a lotta haze, though. No less than six hazers upstage ( I know; I placed them there) and another two each side down. One of those could happily fill about half the Moda, and there were eight. Plus the impressive amounts of smoke/vape produced by the crowd.

I have other technical notes from the production side, but I won't. Let me say that the set list said they'd end on "Everything In Its Right Place," which was no surprise, so imagine my surprise -on several levels- when they ended with "Creep."
Apr 5 rich bachelor commented on Joie de Vivre at Quaintrelle.
Sounds amazing. Well written review, too.
I give them points off for being located on Mississippi. But that's my own personal beef.
Apr 5 rich bachelor commented on Canna Rants.
And keep in mind that this is one of those Wild West moments that young industries tend to have.: everyone's hopping in, and it's exciting, but it's not going to last forever. Pretty soon, all the biz will be controlled by a few large players, and everyone that thought they were going to make a million dollars in this thing will do what everybody eventually does: gets a jobby job.
Mar 29 rich bachelor commented on A Town Deserving of Dumplings.
I think a poorly-wrapped dumpling would spill "incontinently" onto the table, not "impotently." Although I could see a case for either.
And the soup would "leach" into the dough, not "leech."
Otherwise, good stuff.
Mar 29 rich bachelor commented on Letters to the Editor.
And of course, to our brave activist friends, Remember; just because you weren't specifically mentioned is not the same thing as having been excluded. Especially when You are not specifically under discussion.
Basically, there's being right, and then there's just calling everyone else in the world names because it makes you feel righteous to do so. If you're the latter, fuck off; your input isn't needed.
Now see? THAT was someone who wishes to exclude you. Please make a note of it.
Mar 17 rich bachelor commented on At Last, A Feminist Manifesto for Brocialists.
Oh, just noting that a fairly specious argument put forth by one of the writers here was -coincidentally- one I last read on a website you linked to. That's all.
Mar 16 rich bachelor commented on At Last, A Feminist Manifesto for Brocialists.
Yeah, the Baffler. That was the last place I read the argument that Erik Henrikson was making in that thing he decided we don't get to comment on: Hey! Did you know that political satire isn't going to fix everything? WELL DID YOU?

I just hate that particular variety of dewy-eyed true believer. No matter how much any one particular politician or entertainer is ever going to do, there will be one asshole there to say, "WELL, THANKS A LOT FOR NOT PREVENTING THE HUMANITARIAN TRAGEDY IN SYRIA, JOHN OLIVER!" It's an argument stunning in its simplemindedness, but totally flies among absolutists and ideological purists.

Damn. I used to love The Baffler. So Jessa Crispin writes for them, too, huh?
Mar 16 rich bachelor commented on Portland Just Passed a Legally Ambiguous Exclusion Ordinance. It's Unclear What Happens Next..
Dirk: thank you. And what a weird passage that is.
It would seem to suggest that any truly observant Sikh would be barred from attending meetings at all, and I'm pretty sure they misspelled "dirque."
Mar 15 rich bachelor commented on Portland Just Passed a Legally Ambiguous Exclusion Ordinance. It's Unclear What Happens Next..
"Any dirk," needed to be a hyperlink to something, since I have no idea what you're talking about, and that sounded interesting.

Fucking Chloe, though: she's right. If you think you and your big banner about something and your incoherent screaming are actually going to show up at city hall tomorrow night and change something, you need to be told that you're wrong, and stupid.

The activists roundabout are terrible at their jobs. They're a bunch of Special Children who think they always deserve a listen, regardless of their point or how they're trying to make it. Chloe's the closest thing to a voice they've got on the council: perhaps they might belatedly note that, and realize that the only way you ever get anything is learning how to ask for it the right way. And that nobly getting kicked out of things/getting arrested is what morons who *think* they're making a difference do.