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Re: “Jerry Seinfeld, Fred Armisen, and a Green Saab Monte Carlo

It was also interesting being in the coffee shop and some people didn't know who the famous people were. Others thought it was weird that somebody was filming a show in Portland that had a focus around cars. Another person commented that the "1965 green Saab Monte Carlo 850" barely starting, puttering off, and smoking as it left with Jerry and Fred was antithetical to Portland. All seemed to get a chuckle and snicker out of it.

The whole scene, even off camera, was very Portlandian in nature. Maybe Fred could go meta and film a film about filming a film of comedians in coffee shops filming conversations while driving cars for a show? To meta?

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Posted by Adron on 12/04/2014 at 2:00 PM

Re: “I Love Portland!

Why New Yorkers aren't treated like Californians.

Californians bring notions of false utopias and sprawling suburbs and other dumb shit. Often towing along a car or two, demand multiple parking spots that they won't pay for when they move into an oversized urban apartment and park their cars on the street somewhere for free. Then ask why Portland is changing ... and woe is me this part looks like some ticky tacky Californian suburb - hint, Portland built that for you so you'd go live there and leave the rest of the city alone.

New Yorkers usually bring themselves, maybe a bicycle, live in a small apartment here, handle their own shit show and buy random stuff. They also tend to start small biz startups that do leather works, other oddball stuff or whatever. Basically, they're not intrusive and they don't try to change Portland to "look like them". I mean shit, they imported Portland over to New York and called it Brooklyn for christ's sake.

Yup. ...happens all the time... that's why they're treated differently. (yes yes yes, I know everything I said is practically hyperbole, but that's where stereotypes start. I mean really, do we treat anyone much different than our typical Portland, "oh hey, get over the rain already, welcome to the neighborhood, the good coffee is over there around the corner... see ya" as we throw our hoodies up and waltz off to wherever we're galavanting around town for the day.

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Posted by Adron on 11/06/2014 at 11:05 AM

Re: “What Does A More Walkable, Bikeable Old Town Look Like? Find Out Next Month.

Winning on so many levels! Looking forward to it! :)

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Posted by Adron on 09/21/2014 at 12:44 AM

Re: “Wanna Increase Cycling? Mere Bike Lanes Are No Longer Enough

Blabby. So are you against the decades of marketing, messaging and other conditioning that went into convincing people it was safe to drive around (even though about 50k were killed a year for a while) at 20+ mph? Are you against the decades of conditioning that told people if they give up on their cities and move to the suburbs things will be better if they run away from their community and their problems? Are you against the conditioning to encourage people, "yeah, the suburbs are great, you can just drive EVERYWHERE!" You're against the conditioning encouraged by Ford and Chevy that "roads are the responsibility of the people" to the Government and it should provide all subsidy necessary to offset the private operation of alternatives (actual market decisions be damned I suppose)? Are you against the conditioning of people to love their cars more than other people? How about the conditioning that has led to increased road rage and violent behavior?

What kind of conditioning do you support and don't you support? I see you think biking is some form of "beahvioral change" from the Government planners, but it appears, that even with all the "Car love conditioning" and "suburbia love" conditioning people still made an objective request to allow some money to be allocated for "bicycling", mainly , as pointed out, merely some stripes on the road.

Doesn't seem very much like conditioning as you purport it to be, if a little small vocal minority rides (oh ya know, like 90k people in a 580k person city) and asks for infrastructure it seems to pan out that maybe they could lay claim to like 1% of the budget eh?

Yeah, in case it's hard to tell... that's smart ass sardonic sarcasm for ya. "Behavior change" my ass. btw - if you aren't handling math to well these days, 90k out of 580k is not a vocal minority, it's more of a substantial percentage of people and it is growing.

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Posted by Adron on 12/05/2013 at 8:44 PM

Re: “Debt on the Tracks

The irony, a city very close that only has one single light rail line and tons of bus service is taking BIGGER cuts than TriMet. TriMet is taking heat for this and that, but they've managed their budget better than most agencies in the area. There are however lots of solutions, but cutting capital investment on things that will save the agency tons of money down the road in operational costs (which is what is currently the real question of cost) will hurt us 10x over if we start planning for yesterday instead of tomorrow.

Seattle (that other city in question) has taken huge cuts because the simple fact is, cities are mostly responsible for their operational budgets and not as much of the capital expenditures. Seattle is now suffering much more than Portland with service cuts. They're forced into 2-4x as many cuts, many less frequent availabilities now, and more. They have barely a single line that actually runs at 17 minute or less headways, while Portland & TriMet has managed to keep a number of the routes here at decent headways.

The fact is, the light rail investment, even with the egregious investments in things that are NOT tracks and equipment (like art, sidewalks, mitigation and other things) will actually provide the area with vastly greater returns than not. Yes, the area is suffering cuts, the white house has done almost nothing to fill the gaps, and cities have voted against stop gap measures. In addition the citienzry is generally against the greedy tactics of TriMet AND the Union in their pithy arguments against each other. But the fact of the matter is, America and Portland included is going to have to do with less hand outs. Less road money, less transit money, less bridge money, less economic activity, and other issues for some time.

We built the problem, and we're gonna have to just deal with it.

Posted by Adron on 03/29/2012 at 2:46 PM

Re: “Portland Is the Worst.

Seriously. Umbrellas?

California == Whiney Ppl. Shut up and get a proper coat/hood etc.

Posted by Adron on 11/23/2011 at 12:59 PM

Re: “Left Turning Morons

...or be smart and stop driving like a douche bag. Live local, walk, drive, or bike. f-it. :/

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Posted by Adron on 11/23/2011 at 10:52 AM

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