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Apr 24 pork chop commented on Banff not BAMF.
It's okay, we expect passiveness as the norm in the typical Portland male. You guys are going to have to step up your game with all these transplants competing with you. I'm going out with one later today!
Apr 24 pork chop commented on Guilty Until Proven Innocent.
It's funny how some people think it matters whether or not something is legal. I know that it's illegal, FULLY AWARE, and I'm going to keep doing it. Like I have for the last 10 years. So fuck off mom.
Apr 21 pork chop commented on Marijuana and Drugs -Bah Humbug!.
I'm with Mecklem. I'm so tired of listening to my neighbor expound on the differences between the high THC strains vs. the high CBD strains. Shut up no one cares!
Apr 21 pork chop commented on You, Sir, are a Douche.
Apr 14 pork chop commented on It's a Hard Knock Life.
Wait, this was entered as an I Anonymous a while ago.
Apr 13 pork chop commented on Remanded to My Custody.
Look, I have read all of these, and I think this one is best so far. Thank you remandee.
Apr 10 pork chop commented on Janet Please Go Away.
Damnit Janet
Apr 10 pork chop commented on Bad Luck.
The Montage was your first mistake.
Apr 4 pork chop commented on For the Love of God Please Open Your Eyes!.
It's "all y'all", dumbass.
Mar 10 pork chop commented on Attention Drivers: Learn the Crosswalk Laws.
Most of the time I assess the risk of getting rear ended to be greater than the risk of hitting you. Consider also Anon the vast numbers of people moving here who are not aware of this uniquely Portland pedestrian phenomenon. Are you seriously going to trust that they can even see you, much less stop for you?