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8:52 AM yesterday Dirk VanderHart commented on Advocates Are Making Their Strongest Pitch Yet for New Homeless Villages.
Douglas: The A Home For Everyone coalition is working up a long-term strategy for easing the problem. We wrote about it here: http://www.portlandmercury.com/portland/…
Sep 9 Dirk VanderHart commented on Deaths Of Homeless People Shot Way Up in Multnomah County Last Year.
Good point. Based on the limited snapshot we have from last year's "point-in-time" count, homelessness did not rise at anywhere near this rate between 2013 and 2015.


Another count is scheduled, I believe, early next year.
Aug 24 Dirk VanderHart commented on Portland’s Speed Limits Ignore Cyclists and Pedestrians.
iamauser: Arterials are specifically excluded from the process.
Jul 26 Dirk VanderHart commented on Good Morning, News: A Democratic Boo-Fest, a Bungled Fake Kidnapping, and Bullseye's Latest Bad News.
I can deal with every day but Friday. Plus this month has been cloudy and unworthy of a Portland summer.
Jun 24 Dirk VanderHart commented on Here's the $258.4 Million Housing Bond You'll Be Voting on in November.
You're right, and thanks for pointing out my oversight. I've made a note.
Apr 26 Dirk VanderHart commented on One Portland Glass Company Suggests New-Found Air Regulations Are "Revisionist History".
R. Melting is the correct verb. You're right. As to tonnage, it's not revealed in the documents.