11:11 AM pdxMB commented on Timbers v. Seattle Match Preview.
No Tifo this weekend. Agreement between the Cascadia supporters is that when you have two home games, you choose one for your tifo display, which was the first Seattle home game.
Aug 23 pdxMB commented on The Proposed Homeless Shelter at Terminal 1 Is Now Part of a Lawsuit.
DiLorenzo should be pissed off that Fish didn't lease/sell this property over two years ago when he was directed to by Council. Imagine all of the "ratepayer relief" we could have been enjoying!
Aug 15 pdxMB commented on A Better Journey.
Dr. Gibson was so great. We had to put down a 21 year old cat, and her assistance was very compassionate, caring, and gentle.
Aug 2 pdxMB commented on Jonathan Franzen is Clueless and Must Be Stopped.
Today in "Inconsequential Things to Be Offended About..."
Jul 27 pdxMB commented on Developers Just Sued the City—Again—Over Fees To Pay For City Parks.
FYI: While there are certainly developers that are part of some of the plaintiff organizations, it is far more correct to state that real estate agents and brokers, and the scumbag PBA, have sued the City. There is not a single idea that I can think of lately that the PBA has said, "Good idea! We like that!" What a fuckwit organization.
Jul 13 pdxMB commented on Timbers v. Montreal Match Preview.
Barmby for Grabavoy instead, please.
Jun 29 pdxMB commented on Nick Fish Says A Massive Homeless Campus is a Bad Fit At NW Portland's Terminal 1.
ZIPITUP - This isn't about nuance. You are discrediting an idea based on incorrect facts, including on South Waterfront, where it was the City that did the switching and then complained when no one would go along with their new plan. Consider the idea on its merits. Take the cynic cap off and get around the bias.
Jun 21 pdxMB commented on Nick Fish Says A Massive Homeless Campus is a Bad Fit At NW Portland's Terminal 1.
Zipitup - what ivory towers? Homer doesn't own any in the Pearl, nor does he have any Superfund liability. Try again?
May 3 pdxMB commented on Despite A Plush Budget Year, Charlie Hales Says A Controversial Business Tax Hike Is "Necessary".
Can we just raise the Business Tax to 3.0% and ditch the street fee? Dedicate 0.5% to streets. I own a business, I'll pay, and FFS, the businesses in this town need to do a bit more.