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Apr 24 Aurelius141 commented on Comedy.
Yea its lonely when you personally fucked up IA and now you have to fill it up with your painfully boring, illiterate ramblings of why your life is so meaningless.
Apr 24 Aurelius141 commented on ALL OF MY NEIGHBORS (SOME OF WHOM I LOVE DEARLY):.
Dear urban gardener: You are missing the point. As you sip on your $9 latte and brag about growing your own food, please be reminded that growing your own food takes work. That includes guarding against local pests. Its called a fence. And while you are cultivating a sense of global awareness, think about how toxic it is that your dog shits in your neighbor's driveway and their cat shits in your garden and you all just continue to have stupid cookouts without ever saying a truthful word to each other. That's what I call a toxic environment.
Apr 20 Aurelius141 commented on The Heart of Whiteness: Ijeoma Oluo Interviews Rachel Dolezal, the White Woman Who Identifies as Black.
Fuckin fragile whites. The author did her best to approach the subject neutrally. Despite her best efforts, Dolezal comes off as yet another white person trying in vain to understand the plight of the black American. She has never been pulled over for a broken tail light and put in jail. Despite her braidsshe is never feared for her life for one second in her pathetic white existence. The author is 100% Justified in questioning her subjects white privilege.
Apr 17 Aurelius141 commented on We Kill Civilians, Too.
1000 civilians killed in March 2017 alone. MOAB is not effective, efficient or productive in any way other than to piss off the entire world and make us look like total dicks.
Apr 16 Aurelius141 commented on Fragile and White.
I have to agree with stelthz on a lot of his/her points. This piece talks some great sense - but overanalyzes the subject to the point of coming across as the white fragility of white fragility. I grew up in a highly diverse environment so I understand that many people don't have the same benefit of getting to know a human being without a second thought to their skintone or accent. But at some point - if this really matters to you - you have to submit to common sense. Remove race from any of the author's exemplary anecdotes and you have a very common sense example of basic social etiquette, i.e. the webmaster. She did not know the webmaster and so it was a poorly chosen time to assert her "I'm white but I "get it" so its (extra) cool for me to make jokes about racism around my (blackity black) black friends". Result: white fagility fragility. But basic human respect goes way beyond race, creed or orientation. Until she internalizes the fact that people are people first, she will continue to make jokes about gay-muslim-amputees in front of gay-muslim amputees whom she doesn't know - and feel fine about it as long as she didn't permanently fuck up her status as a "cool white chick". I know it sounds harsh to say, but social ignorance is social ignorance no matter what color you so judiciously decline to not slap on it. Most people in the world are much more worried about the color red right now. So I suggest the author take a year off to travel the (real) world, and learn more about what makes a person a person.
Apr 4 Aurelius141 commented on Ghost in the Shell: Asian City Too White.
Um, dude, I'm sensing some seriously misdirected rage here. 98% of big budget movies have majority if not all-white casts, regardless of where they are set/filmed. It sucks but everybody knows this. Are you seriously that freaked out by a bunch of white people in Hong Kong?? So much that you spent seven paragraphs ranting about it? Then you write a couple paragraphs about how its not as good as the original, Bladerunner had better and more original special effects, and it wasn't a realistic vision of the future. You didn't say a single actual thing about the actual movie.

Dude, its a fucking SCI-FI MOVIE!! Anime remakes are never as good as the original (See: Aeon Flux, tho Ultraviolet was bad ass). They are always unrealistic and un-eco-friendly and racially unbalanced (big props to The Matrix for blasting that stereotype).

But you're not doing anything for racial progress by pulling the race card from deep within your ass and making it the whole focus of your article. If it was an Asian cast set in LA you wouldn't have blinked. What crusade will you pick next? Mexicans in Maryland? Uzbekistanis in Utah? Jews in Jersey? Ok that last one doesn't really work but you get my point.

I grew up in NYC so I look forward to the time when more movies look like The Matrix. Thats what my world looked like then and that's what I want the future to look like. But you gotta choose your battles man! All you're doing is stirring the pot and reducing a serious issue down to a squabbling one-man protest, and you're diluting and diverting the energy of the movement.

This Friday, April 7th, YOUR congresspeople are going to vote on a Supreme Court Justice nominee who is not only a racist misogynist corporate ass-licker, but also is squarely in the pocket of our psychopath Litigator-in-Chief. If he gets in you won't be worried about bad sci-fi remakes, you'll be shitting yourself because all the progress-oriented, equality-based activist organizations you love -- including your favorite weekly paper -- are getting sued out of existence.

So let's channel that righteous rage of yours in a productive way instead of using obscure examples to painfully overstate the obvious. Call your reps and tell them to block Neil Gorsuch. Or tell them to fire Nunes for squealing to Trump about his own investigation. Or to demand single-payer health care. Tell them their job is on the line. Politicians don't give a fuck about us, but they sure as shit hop to if they think their career is at stake. Let them feel that holy wrath of yours.

Don't have the number? Call (202)225-3121 with your zip code and a live operator will give you their names and cheerfully connect you.

Now go re-watch Maleficent to remind yourself that some animated to live action remakes are way better than the first (spoiler alert: they're all white).

Mar 16 Aurelius141 commented on Need a Pothole Fixed? Maybe a Portland Anarchist Can Help!.
Its not, FYI. A lot of these actions have a really positive outcome. In my neighborhood there was a bus stop that was unsheltered for many years and the community kept asking the county to build a shelter because there was a lot of old folks caught waiting in the cold and the rain. The county did nothing for years until the community got together and built their own shelter, up to code and everything for only $800. The county was so embarrassed that within a week they had torn down the community-built shelter and built 5 new shelters along the Route. They charged the taxpayers $100,000, but at least we got their attention.
Mar 15 Aurelius141 commented on Conflicted with My Philosophies in the Workplace.
Snickerdoodle, I didn't write this. When I first read it I missed the ageism aspect present in the piece. I took it to be a young manager who tries to look out for his workers and was dealing with employees who expressed entitlement and laziness because of their seniority. Now that I reread it I totally agree that this guy is probably a full-on douche nugget and hereby retract my defense of him. Good day maam/sir.
Mar 14 Aurelius141 commented on Need a Pothole Fixed? Maybe a Portland Anarchist Can Help!.
*except Berny5 and whatever999, you guys are cool
Mar 14 Aurelius141 commented on Need a Pothole Fixed? Maybe a Portland Anarchist Can Help!.
You poor fools. You all sound like, "someone keeps stealing my newspaper from my yard - must be them dang anarchists again!" You have no idea that while you make fun of people protesting, the real enemies of the state are loading their pockets with our infrastructure money. Even as conscious citizens are pitching in positive energy and acting on realistic solutions, you still think you're so cool by calling them a bunch of dirty hippies. Go back to your triple latte and online Monopoly game. You have no grip on reality whatsoever.