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Apr 26 econoline commented on Chloe Eudaly Wants to Look into A City-Owned Bank.
So Chloe (my dad is a murderer but I tend to paint myself and him as the victims of his crime when I talk about it) Eudaly wants to do something that is illegal by state law, shocking...just shocking...
Apr 10 econoline commented on You Are Not a Crossing Guard!.
Since 2011 Oregon Law has stated that if any part of a person is extended into the crosswalk drivers must stop for them to cross, this includes unmarked crosswalks i.e. every intersection in Oregon. Sticking your hand up is an acceptable method of communicating to a driver that you want to cross without having to actually walk out in front of a car that may not stop due to driver inattention. Maybe chill out a bit and just follow the law instead of threatening people who are trying to legally and safely cross the street.
Apr 4 econoline commented on Trump Has Pulled Funding For a UN Organization That Supports Birth Control.
No one loves abortion more than Trump, he wants to make abortion great again!
Mar 16 econoline commented on Portland Business Owner Won't Be Charged for Killing a Homeless Man Last Month.
If after I get done littering I break into your house threaten to kill you and burn your home to the ground and then I leave and then I come back later then I doubt you would be charged in the case. If all the guy did was litter then Chan would have been in the wrong, but that was by far the least of this guys crimes. The real question is if Chan had called the cops would the man have been prosecuted for his threats and unfortunately the answer is likely no. It is a revolving door with these violent homeless people in portland.
Mar 16 econoline commented on According to a Fox News Poll, Only 34 Percent of Voters Support GOP Clusterfuck Health Plan.
TRUMPCARE, the clusterfuck is called TRUMPCARE god damnit.
Mar 13 econoline commented on Portland Business Owner Won't Be Charged for Killing a Homeless Man Last Month.
He was committing a crime, multiple crimes in fact. I mean set aside the earlier littering that Chan had to clean up, and the trespassing that appears to have been a regular occurance and look only at the 10 minutes or so before he got shot. He trespasses on the property, enters the business to threaten arson and murder, then leaves. Then when Mr. Chan goes outside the man returns and attacks him having just told him he was going to kill him and burn the business down. I am sorry that Oregon doesn't just commit people like this who are incapable of taking care of themselves and living within societal norms like not threatening to kill strangers, but this isn't on Mr. Chan.
Mar 12 econoline commented on After Facing His Loudest Critics, Ted Wheeler Will Push to Change City Meetings.
I wish I had known that there was this opportunity to tell amanda fritz that you aren't supposed to stand on the damn toilet while you are using it. Eyes to yourself Fritzie you old perv you...
Mar 10 econoline commented on Good Morning, News: High-Ranking Cops Suspended, Fewer Border Crossings, and A Bit About Bosnian Food.
Amanda Fritz has admitted that she has been climbing up on toilets and peering into other stalls, she should not be allowed in any city restroom.
Mar 6 econoline commented on Good Morning, News: "March 4 Trump" Rally Recap, Supremes Snub Gavin Grimm, and Anti-Immigrant Ban 2.0.
Trump's new muslim ban reminds me of the racist dad who forbids his daughter to date any minority but then when she protests he decides to relent and allow light skinned hispanics as long as their name doesn't sound too latin...
Feb 22 econoline commented on Good Morning, News: Trump Goes Deportation Crazy, Wheeler Admits Cops Overreacted, and Actual Good News.
If Trump isn't going to arrest and deport Dreamers then why is Daniel Ramirez Medina sitting in detention in Seattle?