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Aug 18 econoline commented on I Love You, Amy Schumer, But You're Wrong.
@spaceman it is kind of weird to me that partly because his comments seem to have been taken out of context and partly because he is famous people almost seem more pitchforky at Kurt who has never been accused of any impropriety with a woman than they would be at an actual rapist. One thing is for sure anyone who doesn't get why a single anonymous accusation should not be allowed to ruin someone's life has never been falsely accused of something.
Aug 18 econoline commented on I Love You, Amy Schumer, But You're Wrong.
I listened to Kurt talk about this for over an hour on a podcast today. He apologized for the way he phrased his comments but I have to say I agree with his actual message which he admits he did a huge disservice to in the way he tweeted. That message is that it isn't appropriate for someone to be blackballed from their career because of one person making an anonymous accusation. The guy who was blackballed was told nothing specific about the accusation, how is he supposed to defend himself if he didn't do anything when all that the UCB is willing to say to him is 1 or more woman accused you of rape. If he did it he should be in jail, if this is some vindictive spurned lover she shouldn't be able to ruin his life without any recourse for him.
Aug 17 econoline commented on Short-Staffed Cops Are Being Forced to Trim Specialty Units to Adequately Patrol the City.
Cut the Mounted patrol completely, it is a huge waste of money. The horses are scary not enticing for people to pet, and those officers get nothing done besides maybe spreading some manure on the asphalt.
Jul 28 econoline commented on Mayor Charlie Hales is Pushing Back His Springwater Corridor Sweep.
I am SHOCKED that once again Hales has promised something that he will fail to deliver on. There is a reason why he didn't even bother running for a second term.
Jul 20 econoline commented on Good Morning, News: ANOTHER Google Fiber Delay, Cops Against Gun Control, and Crooked Christie v. "Crooked" Hillary.
Portland should just move forward with installing municipal broadband. Other cities have already proven that it isn't that hard to provide a better product for less money than comcast/Time Warner Cable
Jun 29 econoline commented on City: Proposed $258.4 Million Housing Bond Amounts to 1,300 Units.
It seems like they would be better off focusing on people who can pay a little more and using the profits to build more units.
Jun 21 econoline commented on Wall Street Weighing President Trump vs. Vice President Warren.
She should pick Biden, he is doing a great job as vice president, let him continue.
Jun 6 econoline commented on The End of Bridgetown: Yo, Is This Racist?, Rachel Bloom, and Bad Manners Witnessed.
the rudest thing I saw at bridgetown was the bartender with dyed hair and tattoos taking a break during the unrepped show during which she sat down 15 feet from the stage and proceeded to have a loud conversation with a coworker. Couldn't you take that at least to the other side of the wall you are sitting next too? I assume she wasn't pleased about the fest being in her bar and decided to be a biatch about it.
May 24 econoline commented on Just Like That, Police Chief Larry O'Dea is on Paid Leave.
@randyzpdx Seriously the guy admits he lied to an investigator about shooting someone and we are paying him close to 600 dollars a day 7 days a week to sit home and watch Matlock. This needs to stop immediately.
May 10 econoline commented on Good Morning, News: Blazers Fall, the Sheriff's in Big Trouble, and Domino's Pizza Will Literally Save Your Life.
The Oregonian is kind of obsessed with proms, it is more than a little creepy.