Oct 21 mel commented on The Portland Mercury Endorses: Sharon Meieran for Multnomah County Commission, District 1.
this is a genuinely terrifying illustration
Sep 29 mel commented on “His Word Against Mine”.
Hey Mercury, are you gonna do anything about this hack rape apologist/victim-blaming troll up in your comments section?
Sep 27 mel commented on In Portland, Kristen Schaal Speaks Out Against Donald Trump—and the Tampon Tax.
Thanks for the coverage! I think you mean "Biff", tho, not "Bip".
Sep 3 mel commented on To the Thieves Who Broke into Our Van During H2C:.
Too bad you got your stuff taken, but there's not a magical city-wide reverence for this cloying white ppl event. A van full of able-bodied recreational runners' expensive toys is fair game. H2C fragility, dudes.
Aug 22 mel commented on Donald Trump Insists He's "Not Flip-Flopping" On How He Will Screw Over 11 Million Undocumented Workers in the U.S..
Ooooh it's so exciting when the Supreme Court turns into all RBG's! Can that really happen please?
Jun 13 mel commented on The Orlando Shooting Proves Everyone Was Right About Everything.
or, if you're a member of the queer and/or Latinx community, you are personally and deeply affected by this and drowning in the silence of the people around you. If you see nothing, Matt Baume, then you are not looking.
Jun 9 mel commented on What the Sanders Campaign Could Learn from the Clinton Campaign in '08.
Great piece Megan, and agree 100%. I waffled between Sanders and Clinton throughout the primary buildup, but now that Hillary is in, I'm totally on board. Hoping for a Clinton/Sanders ticket when the dust has settled.