Cosmic Charlie
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Poster child for the easily amused. Some say I'm a wit, some say only half.

Jan 5 Cosmic Charlie commented on Festival News for 2017: Pickathon, Project Pabst, Coachella, and More.
Alan Parsons is excellent in concert.
Dec 3, 2016 Cosmic Charlie commented on Steve Novick is Renaming SW Fourth Avenue After an Embittered Bob Dylan Tune.
Since the west side of 4th Avenue between Morrison and Stark will only have three open storefronts come the New Year, why not name the other end of 4th Ave Desolation Row?
Mar 16, 2016 Cosmic Charlie commented on Further Drinking: 75 More Places to Wet Your Whistle.
Now THIS is more like it. A who's-who (or what's-what) of proper Portland drinking establishments. I've been sober for five years, but have imbibed in most of these. A hearty bottoms-up to adventures in bar-hopping...