Feb 5 Ovidius commented on Super Bowl 2017 Is Both a Football Game And a Battle of Good (Falcons) vs. Evil (Patriots).
The bummer in me wants to point out that this game is a gladitorial contest, that 40% of its players show signs of traumatic brain injury, that Universities perpetuating a predominantly white middle and upper class are paid for on the exploited free labor and bodies of young players, and that channeling political aggression through the anodyne medium of sports is disarming until something like the Nika Riots or the Football War happen. The other part of me wants say, meh, enjoy yourselves for a bit. It will be a long year.
Jul 2, 2016 Ovidius commented on I'm that a-hole at the other weekly.
I am really surprised that the Willamette Week keeps that guy on staff. He's a terrible writer, and as obnoxious as he is unoriginal. It's like hiring the guy no one likes at the party to be your editor.
May 16, 2016 Ovidius commented on Game of Thrones Recap! "Book of the Stranger" Contained Neither Books Nor Strangers.
I forgot who Loras is and why he's in bad shape, and yeah, I missed the book reference too, because listening to the High Sparrow is zzzzz. Can we talk about the lame "I should have been born a Dothraki!" joke, and the shows increasing reliance on bow-tie spinning hack humor after last week's He's Behind Me Isn't He/Fart Joke combo? This is a troubling development.
May 4, 2016 Ovidius commented on You Should Support XRAY.FM.
Yes, Car2Go remembers the last station you listened to. And since XRAY is clearly the best station on the radio, I keep mine there too. :)