Nov 16, 2016 michtom commented on Not Marchin’, Just Plottin’.
Do NOT subscribe to the NY Times. It used all its editorial, op-ed, and news pages to first hide, mock, and then undermine Bernie Sanders' candidacy.

Read it for free by using an incognito window on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

The Times is our enemy.
Oct 13, 2016 michtom commented on Portlanders Just Got Their First Look at a Police Body Cam Policy.
It looks like the city needs to force a police strike. The PPA is no longer a union. It's a protection racket. The City Council and the citizens of Portland need to stop Turner and his gang from bullying us. The PPA needs to put "protect and serve" above "whatever we want."
Sep 2, 2016 michtom commented on Portland’s Homeless Shelters Might Soon Be Larger Than Ever Before.
The problems with larger shelters are myriad. First, the homelessness crisis flows out of, and is aggravated by, the overall affordable housing crisis. Second, as Utah and other places have demonstrated, providing actual homes to homeless people is cheaper and more effective than warehousing people, as this move to even larger shelters does.

Third, is there any evidence that shelters present a threat of child rapes or other hysterical fears to nearby communities? What I've seen over decades is that the people most at risk are the homeless themselves IN such industrial-level shelters.

If the local governments want to make a positive change for everyone, they should enforce the affordable housing rules so that such housing is actually built, and then provide apartments and homes to people who need them.
Aug 5, 2016 michtom commented on It’s Time to Cheer Up About Hillary Clinton.
For starters, here's a three-sentence HRC criticism: "We came. We saw. He died." Followed by laughter.

"some of the reasons you’re a little cold on HRC are the same things that have helped her (and Obama) make it this far. " Those would be, first and foremost, unmitigated corruption. Both Obama & Clinton are ALL about the corporate dollars. During the 2008 campaign, Obama first promised to filibuster a bill giving immunity to the telecommunications companies that helped W spy on the country without warrants, and then voted for it. That early it was clear that he was a tool of corporations, something reinforced by the (un)Affordable Care Act, which turned our for-profit health insurance system from de facto to de jure.

That fall of 2008, just before the election, I was at the JFK Library & Museum, where they had a display room that looked like the Oval Office with videos relevant to JFK's foreshortened administration.

One of them was the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. I watched that video and started crying because, after 45 years--and I had been at the March--our country was still so racist. I already knew I wasn't voting for the first African American corporate president because his vote for corruption had already happened.

HRC has the identity, but she has almost nothing else. Would Berta Cáceres, the indigenous Honduran leader assassinated by Obama's and Hillary's junta believe Clinton's vagina was enough? I don't think so.

What about the thousands of women who've died or become sexual slaves in the vast chaos that her vote for the Iraq war and her warmongering ethos as SoS helped create?

While the times have changed enough since MY first vote in 1968 that the Republicans are even worse than Nixon and his Southern strategy, I am not sorry I refused to vote for HRC's neoliberal progenitor, Hubert Humphrey.

The answer is probably for your generation, perhaps with some pointers from mine, to do what Barry Goldwater's supporters did to the Republicans: take over the Democratic party from the bottom, slowly, utterly, and completely.

But one thing you should back away from is the idea that lesser-evilism is EVER acceptable.

Come up with a well-written essay about bringing down HRC and EVERYTHING she represents, including politics that are about nothing more than identity.

IOW, fuck you and the vagina your riding on if you do nothing more than vote out of fear and don't organize the complete end of everything HRC, BHO, and the corporate political structure they represent.

READ those emails. Understand how inexcusable they are, and don't be so complacent & self-satisfied.
Apr 21, 2016 michtom commented on Police Don't Show Up For Oversight Meeting; Frustrated Committee Votes To Legally Force Them To Show Up next Time.
The police only seem to want to interact with citizens when they can feel free to abuse them.

Really. a cup of water? Poor bunnies!