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Re: “Street Harassment

The double standards on this subject can be absurd. I've watched American Idol many times with Nicki Minaj as a judge, she's constantly making weird sexual comments to the contestants, male and female, I don't know if she's a lesbian or bi or just another straight chick pretending to be lesbian but I notice with young female ones she'll even make lewd comments about their sexual organs, someone previously mentioned how women also can make inappropriate sexual comments and get away with it, this is the perfect example because you can see it on national TV. No one bats an eye when she does this. Randy, next to her, giggles like a baby every time she does it. Now imagine a male judge doing the same thing it'd be considered sexual harassment and his butt would be kicked off the show. How does a woman get away with this creepy shit yet a man does it even once and it could end of his career?

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Posted by erasmus on 06/24/2013 at 12:07 AM

Re: “Street Harassment

To: Trisha
I knew someone would play the physical violence card, it's a standard feminist tactic. I agree any sort of unwanted physical contact is completely wrong and can in no way be mitigated or justified. Verbal, emotional abuse or pain is different and there exist a lot of shades of grey on the subject. Using a physical violence (staple gun) analogy is completely inappropriate. You want to discuss physical assaults? Start another discussion somewhere. Bringing it up in this context is a technique whereby bringing up a more serious subject (violence) shuts someone like me up because god know we can't be flip about violent assaults. Yes, I understand feminist manipulations.

My point still stands and it isn't what you tried to say it was. I never said street harassment was "OK" because some women are complicit with it. Where did I say that? You're putting words in my mouth. Something else feminists are quite good at. In fact, I made it clear I still don't think street harassment is acceptable. My point is allocation of blame when women start analyzing (if you can even call this "analysis", condemnation without any thought is more like it), women who are complicit with street harassers are not mentioned or even considered, and if they did get mentioned it's like you put it: A woman with an injury fetish. Something probably caused by abusive men in their past so it's still not their fault. No, you didn't say that but it was implied. Those type of built in excuses are part of feminist ideology. This is designed to absolve women of blame and ignore the yin yang of male/female sexual dynamics. Something else 99% of feminists manage to ignore in their vast canon of writings.

Sorry, women are not idiot children helpless against the machinations of those evil males. You're attempt to present that image is a manipulation (yes, you did when you made that stupid and irrelevant injury fetish comment). If you respond, stay relevant to my point and don't bother with the simplistic feminist arguments.

BTW Why is it OK for you women to shake your fingers at all us males because of the loutish behavior of a few? You imply we are also responsible because we should be controlloing the behavior of other men. OK, maybe so, but then it's just as fair for us males who don't practice street harassment (most of us) to expect all women to start policing the behavior of those few women that actually enjoy crude inappropriate men. Fair is fair. Is that a concept you can actually understand in this context?

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Posted by erasmus on 06/21/2013 at 11:42 AM

Re: “Street Harassment

This kind of subject always brings out simplistic feminist arguments that never recognize there are shades of grey.
One woman's harassment may be acceptable flirtation to another.

Even though the text of this article is about harassment in general the title "Street Harassment" Why is the title not: sexual harassment (in general)? OK, not sure what you authors are trying to imply but since the title is street harassment let's address that:

The "Hey baby pimp wanna be form" is practiced on every attractive female that walks by on the street. A jobless loser with nothing else to do can literally hit on hundreds of women a day and while 99% of the girls walk by and try to ignore the behavior every once in a while one actually thinks a line like "Who dat fine bitch, i'm gonna git her (line I actually heard a guy use that over and over and finally got a girl to turn around and respond)" is charm cubed.

The whole idea is the percentage game is hit on every girl you see, doesn't matter how sexually crude or inappropriate your come on, sooner or later a some girl is gonna like your style. That's why they do it. It works. Now 99% of men don't do this behavior and 99% of women don't respond to it but maybe this is a way for that 1% to hook up. Sure, blame the men for being jackasses but there are women in this world that are attracted to jackasses. Does a man have a right to harass hundreds of women to find that one that likes a jobless creep? Maybe not, but is that 1% of females who encourage this behavior any less responsible than that 1% of men who practice it? When women go on sanctimonious rants about "harassment" they never acknowledge the areas of female complicity with these behaviors. Yeah, I know what you'll say: They're low self esteem women and men shouldn't take advantage of that blah blah... Sorry, I don't buy into that. They are also human beings with brains and are as responsible for knowing better as the men are.

Don't pull the "I'm trying to shift blame on women" crap. I still blame men but I also acknowledge that women share blame also.

If you don't like me specifying "Street Harassment" and start saying this doesn't apply to this that or the other kind, then next time give your article another title.

I'm glad someone mentioned Camille Paglia. She's the only feminist I've ever read that has been honest enough to examine some of the collusions that occurs in male/female sexuality. Try Vamps and Tramps. Great book, great essays. Blows this kind of superficial crap right out of the water.

18 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by erasmus on 06/20/2013 at 10:14 PM

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