Marriage Records

Marriage Records is a new, CD-R-based PDX label started by Curtis Knapp (of Watery Graves) and Adrian Orange (of Thanksgiving). They're having a romantic/ carnival-like, Valentine's Day-themed, label coming-out brouhaha (with aerial dancers, artists, an accordion-playing firebreather, and a raffle for free Meow Meow memberships) on Fri Feb 13, at Meow Meow!

Curtis Knapp, what's the deal with your label?

We'll put out CD-Rs, mostly, except for Adrian's records, and we have no distribution. So basically it's sort of like a vanity label except we're just trying to promote local kids. It has all of the feelings of the label--the packaging, the recording, the mastering process--for bands who maybe don't have a huge following yet have that sense of finishing something, so they can move on.

It seems more archival than capitalistic.

It's almost like a project of its own. As far as linking in nationally and getting all the things that labels usually get, we're not really as concerned with that, as we are for having a place where the work is documented and archived properly.

That's librarian-esque.

It's really pro, but really small. It gives us a feeling of legitimacy without having to go too commercial.

You could also screw the CDs and just put it all on the internet.

We have a bunch of songs on the website [] already. But it's kind of neat to have the package and the sticker and the paper. We also have a lot of friends who are painters; I'm trying to make a virtual studio and online resume for visual artists, and we're gonna have some poetry chapbooks up there, too.

Yeah, populism!

Anybody that's interested in it or wants to do recordings for it or has ideas for us, we'd love for anybody to contact us; we don't get that much mail. It's not a club. It's for archiving. Portland's kind of famous for being local, and that's what I like about them. This is just another example of that which gives the town a good name. JULIANNE SHEPHERD