In my ongoing battle to add something other than snark to the Internet I'm going to start a series about Acts of Unadulterated Awesomeness. I'll feature people, things, and ideas that are completely terrific even if everybody else already knew about them but me.

[1] Near a coffee shop I hang out in, there's a wifi hotspot called "Pretty Fly For a Wifi." I want to connect to it just to feel like I'm part of something great. Now I've heard tell there are other people around the world with this wifi name, but that doesn't bother me. It just means there's a tie for greatest human ever.

[2] Tiny horses chained to sidewalk. Old news, I know, but new ones keep popping up and every time it makes me giggle. Every. Time. Keep it up, tiny horse whisperer.

[3] The army of people who powerwash the sidewalks downtown every night so it doesn't always smell like urine. Keep it up, you guys. You're doing God's work.

[4] Succulents in weird shaped glass jars. This is also old news but I still like them. Whoever is spritzing them and finding the weird jars, good job.

[5] Skylines. We've got a great combination of a good looking town and a bunch of talented artists. My two current favorites are Matt Hopkin's backdrop for my show which he made using a lot of painter's tape:

  • Matt Hopkins

and Ursula Barton's drippy ones that I first saw at Crafty Wonderland.